Peter Li i

by Kelvin Ho on 2017/04/22

Name: Peter Li
Class: Richmond Hill
Practical Method Start Date: Mar. 25, 2017

First European Practical Method meeting

The first European Practical Method meeting took place in Vienna in late winter 2017. On 17. – 19. February, people from Göttingen, Berlin and Vienna convened in this wonderful city to practice and exchange experiences.

On Saturday and Sunday, we dedicated a lot of time to practice the Yilu. Also, we worked on basic foundations and put special emphasis on progressions in partner work. Special thanks to Rick, who instructed us in these progressions in the most precise and knowledgeable way.

Altogether, it was a great meeting. I am sure that everyone had her or his very personal insights and “aha!”-moments. I myself, being relatively new to Taiji, surely learned a mountain of things. It has been really motivating to see other people with more experience practicing Taiji.

Many of us already knew each other, having met before on workshops or at Daqingshan, now having the chance to catch up on what happen since then. But many also could get to know each other for the first time. Being able to practice with many enthusiastic and committed people made the days in Vienna an invaluable experience.

Many thanks to Carlotta, Pawel, Fabian and Rick, who made the meeting possible. Thanks to your commitment, it has been a wonderful and enriching weekend. Hope to see all of you again and many more on the next meeting, which will probably be hosted in Berlin in 2018.

Best wishes, Jann


Left to Right:Dominic Lo, Ken Fong, Eric Foo, Kevin Sun, Lucas Lu, Kelvin Ho, Bruce Robinson, Peter Li, Mark Hanley, Patrick Kuo

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Location: Vine Cliff Park – Vine Cliff Blvd and Hazelton Ave.
Date: Apr 9, 2017
Time: 8 am – 10:30 am
Instructor: Kelvin Ho
Fee: Free and open to public

If it rains that day, the event location will be moved to:
Bayview Hill Community Centre (open area near the pool)
114 Spadina Rd, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 2Y9

This open class is an event to pre-celebrate World Taiji Day, which will be on Apr 29, 2017. It welcomes anyone interested in learning tai chi. It will let participants experience a typical class, which includes foundations, form and push hands.

See you there!

Registration is recommended, please contact Kelvin Ho by emailing or texting 647-738-8384.

fetching water,
– you must be in front bow stance with weight on front
– back hand open on belly
– front arm down open hand to thigh
– move front KWA out as the only movement – when front arm moves bring elbow to body

Kelvin ho had us doing this foundation exercise today. Issues I had around the move that I experienced

1. Moving shoulders ( I needed to press down first, move the kwa and capture the internal movement to go across my belly rather than up to my back shoulder)

Kelvin indicated that once stretched I should hold it for a minute or two to help loosen the kwa.

2. Moving front hands and arms independently ( the kwa works like a lever attached to the rope and pail gathering well water; when the rope moves back and forth so does the pail) the hands and arm cannot move independently

3. stance too high , I needed to perform the above in a lower stance