North American Practical Method Training Camp July 18-22, 2024

by John Upshaw on 2024/02/20

Master Chen Zhonghua is returning for the annual North American Practical Method Training Camp.  We will be having early check-ins on July 17th.   Master Chen will be conducting private lessons on that day if you are interested.  It’s a day to get settled in, catch up with friends and informally train taiji!  Camp officially begins July 18th and runs through July 22nd.

The North American Practical Method Training Camp2018

This will be an intensive workshop welcoming student of all levels.  This workshop historically has been attended by a high number of Master Chen’s disciples.  This benefits the disciples in many ways and provides newer students to additional opportunities for learning.  It’s an atmosphere for becoming immersed in Practical Method!

Once again, the taijiquan training, lodging, and dining will be at one location with one cost at the same location where we have been since 2017.  This will be an intensive workshop focused on theory, foundations, yilu, push hands and applications.  Disciples will take part in the instructions.

There are 32 accommodations on-site and 2 single occupancy cottages.  Those slots will fill up.  We will list hotels near the retreat center and allow those individuals to participate just the same as the other participants.

This year’s sign up and on-going camp information will occur on this post.  Please don’t assume you have a bed unless it is confirmed by us.  A   Facebook event will also be used for sign-up.

1 day and night $230
2 days and nights $450
3 days and nights $650
4 days and nights $800
Early arrival $50 with dinner $65
Private lessons $200 for an hour
Single room add $20 per day
Hermatige add $10 per day
9am check in and check out is following your last day breakfast.
Prairiewoods Retreat And Conference Hiawatha, Iowa, USA
For more information please contact:
Levi Sowers
(515) 321-3747
John Upshaw
(319) 404-3962

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