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Six Sealing and Four Closing

Open the Kua and rotate the torso to push the elbow and drive the arm foward. The elbow need to stay at the top of the Kua and flatened the shoulder. Do not move the knees so the rotation comes from opening the Kua. The movement of the entire arm is like flat to the board and stay inside the rail. The front shoulder need to have a line to the rear foot.

This is the new definition tossing. The movement comes from compression. Large movement compresed to a smaller movement.

During this time of the pandemic, I had a very valuable opportunity to attend Shifu Chen Zhonghua’s online class. By listening, seeing and following the instructions given in the class I began to understand the principles of the Taiji practical method and apply them to yilu and push hands. All this time I thought that I understood and could do yilu well, but what I understood was wrong. Read more

Attendees: Alex, OngWM, Flo, Chandra, Jojo
1. Twisting Towel train the Elbow to be in the Middle
2. Six Sealing 4 Closing train the Shoulder to
be in the Middle
3. Fetch Water train the Kua to be in the Middle

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With instructor Ling Zili from Daqingshan








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Video from the talk below
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Consistent Pressure 1

by admin2 on 2014/06/30

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By pushing with power and muscle you allow your opponent to control your entire body. Instead, issue with a rotation and a stretch so that no muscle power is used. This way your opponent cannot use your own energy against you.