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Taiji classes offered at Athens Georgia. [More Info]

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Suspended Head 6

by Todd Elihu on 2013/05/17

In 2009 on Daqingshan, Master Chen Zhonghua instructed me to keep one point on my body stable and fixed during push hands practice. The location of the point was up to me; I could make it be the lower back, rear foot, etc. However, the most important thing was to maintain the integrity and stability of the chosen point. Read more

I just started training foundations with an interval training timer app on my Android device. It is a great way to allot a fixed amount of time per exercise and allow one to focus entirely on certain aspects of the body method, energy alignment, etc. Read more

Hunyuantaiji Academy of Athens instructors Todd Elihu and Carl Lindberg have been offering classes in Northeast Georgia since 2003.

Todd Elihu offers private lessons on Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method fundamentals, forms, push hands and applications. For more information contact him at telihu@gmail.com Read more

China Trip 2008 i

by Todd Elihu on 2008/08/18

This past summer Gord Muir and Master Chen Zhonghua together led an exceptional tour of China. Aside from the rejuvenating and inspirational training at the mountain resort known as Daqingshan, participants toured Beijing, Shanghai, Jinan, Weifang, Qufu, and Suzhou. Read more