Purchase 20220424 Toronto Push Hands Workshop Video Package

by Shopmaster on 2022/04/27

This video package contains videos from Toronto Push Hands Workshop on April 24, 2022. On the last Sunday of every month, the Toronto Push Hands Workshop will be held.

In this workshop, we trained foundations, line drills, 2-person drils, and free push hands. Detailed videos on the 2-person drills are included in this video package as listed below.

Note: This video package may contain videos that are separately published or included in other packages on this website. It is possible that you may have access to some of these videos already. We will not refund for any duplicate videos. Please purchase the packages at your discretion.

Purchase 20220424 Toronto Push Hands Workshop Video Package
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This package includes the following 6 videos (total value of $11):
  "Redirect the incoming force to the rear foot 20220424"Online Video   Purchase
  "Open the armpit 20220424"Online Video   Purchase
  "Getting In 20220424" Online Video   Purchase
  "Sink the waist, press the elbow 20220424" Online Video   Purchase
  "White Crane Spreads Its Wings 20220424" Online Video   Purchase
  "Twist-Chen Zhonghua Online Lesson 20220420" Online Video   Purchase

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