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Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method classes in Brazil.

Brazil Seminar 1 Notes 4

by JVanko on 2012/12/07

Master Chen gave a seminar in Guaratinguetá, Brazil (near São Paulo) in November 2012. He asked me to post my notes, and so here they are. I am posting the summarized version now, and will post more detail on these from time to time.

The seminar was amazing. Our teachers and students had the good fortune to be left with not just a lesson in Taiji, but also with lessons to be applied in their lives. Read more

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Master Chen Zhonghua is a modern day pioneer of Taijiquan, and he is re-inventing the way people practice it. The interesting thing is that his intention is to return Taijiquan to its original purpose, that of a martial art. Read more

Brazil Class Schedule i

by JVanko on 2010/10/16

Hunyuan Taiji Academy do Brasil

Practical Method Chen Style Taijiquan – Class Schedule Read more

This article first appeared in the May/June Issue of Brazil Tai Chi
Magazine (Revista Tai Chi Brasil), and has been translated from
Portuguese to English. Read more


Zhan Zhuang Questions 18

by JVanko on 2008/09/01

Master Chen,

Greetings. I’m not sure if you’re interested in these things, but just in case, here are my experiences with Qigong since March 2008. Zhan Zhuang Experiences (wuji posture only) Read more