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On 5th Dec 2021 (16:00 Jakarta Time), ATNI Chairman (Mr Suharjono Tan) and Vice Chairman (Mr Yohanes S) had a 2 hour non-stop session with our Toronto Instructor – Kelvin Ho.  It was a very breathtaking session, especially for the public audience.  Thank you all Taiji Bros & Sis for attending this session.

For those who missed the Live Session, kindly click below YouTube recording:

Online Instruction by Master Chen Zhonghua Assisted by Head Coach Alex Marentek & Coach Gora Nebulana

In this ATNI (Aliansi Taijiquan Nasional Indonesia) episode series #27, the Chairman (Mr Suharjono Tan 陈存统) himself did a thorough recap of the main points that Master Chen covered during the Exclusive interview (21 Nov 2021).

On 21 Nov 2021, ATNI for the very first time did an Exclusive Interview with Master Chen Zhong Hua.

The outcome was overwhelming…hit beyond 300 participants in this Live Zoom Session.

For those who are unable to view last Sunday Live Session, kindly click on below link.

Kindly see attached words of thanks from all participants, for making this event a Success!!
Chatline from Zoom Meeting 21 Nov 2021_211126_214843

Special thanks to Alex, Gora, James, ATNI members and all live zoom attendees for contributing and tuning into this Live Webinar on 14 Nov 2021.  It was a great success!!

  1. On the last 5 mins prior to closing (in this recorded session), ATNI and James gave a sneak preview on the upcoming Sunday (21 Nov 2021) for an Exclusive Interview with Master Chen Zhong Hua (@7pm Jakarta Time +7 GMT = 5am Edmonton time).

Kindly mark this special event on your calendar!!

Playback recording for today’s session at link below:


Past Video Highlight
On 31 Oct 2021 @ 1600 (Jakarta local time), the Alliance Taijiquan National Indonesia cordially invite Mr James Strider of PM Perth, Australia together with Mr Andi Maman & Jojo (PM Jakarta & Jogjakarta Branch) for the 23rd Webinar Session.  

Jojo Juarsa Taiji Track Records 蔡学超 太极简历 拜师帖:

Name / 姓名: Jojo Johari Juarsa (蔡学超)
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Name: Jojo Juarsa 蔡学超

Location: Tangerang Warehouse, Indonesia

Date: 27 Oct 2021

Mission: Preparing for Yilu Challenge (Nov-Dec 2021)