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Rangwei (give away a position)

In Practical Method, there can be only one point that has power. Everything else must give up power. This one point of power is active. All other actions (movements) must be passive.

Terminoloy: Rangwei
Chinese characters: 让位
Pingyin: Rangwei

Notes and Highlights: 2023 Singapore Practical Method Seminar by Chen Zhonghua 20231202-03.

Once again I am accompanied by Chen Xu. This time Duan Chonghu of Laiwu, Shandong, Li Hong of Nanchang, Jiangxi, and Guo Huichun of Weibei, Anhui also came along.

Duan Chonghu 段崇虎

Li Hong 李红

Guo Huichun 郭会春

Once again we arrive in Singapore at night.


Singapore 20231130 – First morning training session in a nearby park. I taught a very good lesson using a horizontal bar on the ground (raised above the floor) in the playground area of the park. Using the positive circle, I taught the concept of BIE (opposite criss-cross action) in taiji.


Singapore Workshop 20231202-15


  1. What is Wuji?
  2. What is Yin Yang/Taiji?
  3. What is Everything (system of three)?
  4. In with Elbow exercise. Isolate the elbow.
  5. The concept of Rangwei (give away a position to another body part).


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Arrived in Bogor, Indonesia on November 24th, 2023.

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Teaching at the Hotel Lobby While Waiting for Our Ride 20231124.

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Food in Guilin, China 20231024-

Rice noodles.

These are photos of some of the dishes we have in the city of Guilin and in the township of Yangshuo. We are staying in Yangshuo and the workshop will be in the Yangshuo Chen Zhonghua Taiji Academy.  Read more

Yangshuo, Guilin, China 20231025.

Before the workshop this weekend, we managed to see off the famous sites in Yangshuo.  Read more

Chen Zhonghua Taijiquan is authorised in Quanzhou, China 20231013.

泉州20231013 – 授牌仪式合影 Chen Zhonghua Taiji authorisation ceremony in Quanzhou, Fujian province on Oct. 13, 2023

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Daqingshan Mountain Taiji Resort Photos October 2023.

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Daqingshan Mountain Taiji Resort Photos September 2023.

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Daqingshan Photos 20230916.

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Chen Zhonghua Attends Linyi “MMA Action” as Special Guest 20230916.

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Photos of the 4th Dongying Chen Zhonghua Taiji Seminar 20230916.

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A Typical Meal on Daqingshan 20230822.

As there are too many tour groups on Daqingshan, we couldn’t order food like most days. We decided to just the the tourist meals. It is much cheaper at 30 yuan per person. That is about 4 dollars!

Here are some photos of the meal for ten. There are also steamed buns, rice and noodles.

Day 2 Photos of the Chen Zhonghua Gdynia Practical Method Workshop 20230402.

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Gdynia Practical Method Workshop Photos on April 1, 2023.

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Chen Zhonghua’s Żywiec Practical Method Workshop Photos 20230328


Last Snowfall on Daqingshan 20230213. In this area in China, snow like this is rare.

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Thanks everyone for a wonderful weekend workshop. I also would like to thank my Hunyuan sister Lin Jie from Tokyo for coming to see us and teach the Hunyuan bang/ruler set! Thanks to Jeff and Sooyeon for the Whistler trip!

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Happy New Year 20230101

Chen Ronghua, a disciple of Master Chen Zhonghua in Yangshuo, Guilin, China, was featured on Guilin Page on Facebook 20221104. Here are some photos:

Another great way to discover Yangshuo, Guilin!
Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art advocating using softness to resist hardness. Chen Ronghua, who’s the disciple of Chen Zhonghua (the international standard bearer of Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method) and the head instructor of Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method in Yangshuo, Guilin. To better inherit and promote Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method, he teaches locals and foreign tourists to practice Tai Chi. Practicing Tai Chi between the hills and rivers of Yangshuo, you will get an insight into Chinese culture.

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Glenn Hall Discipleship Application 20221020.

Glenn Hall discipleship application photo

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Chandramohan and Martini became Chen Zhonghua’s new disciples 20221015.

In a brief ceremony MCed by Michael Calandra, during the 2022 New York Practical Method Seminar, Chabar Chandramohan and Ed Martini became master Chen Zhonghua’s disciples in the Practical Method lineage of GM Hong Junsheng. They are disciples number 380 and 381, respectively.

Chabar Chandramohan

Ed Martini

Disciples Groups Photo 20221015

Chandramohan and Martini discipleship ceremony 20221015

New York Practical Method workshop group photo 20221015

Chen Zhonghua’s Disciples

Barb Stegger Discipleship Application 20221016.

Ben Phillips of Toronto became Chen Zhonghua’s 379th disciple in a brief ceremony at the Annual Toronto Practical Method Seminar.

Ben Phillips Discipleship Ceremony 20221010

Group Photo of all disciples at the ceremony!

Ben Phillips of Toronto became Chen Zhonghua’s 379th disciple in a brief ceremony at the Annual Toronto Practical Method Seminar

Chen Zhonghua Toronto Practical Method Workshop Photos 20221010.

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Toronto Practical Method Seminar Portrait Photos 20221010.

Daqingshan Clouds 20220929.

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41st Daqingshan Practical Method Seminar 20220926.

41st Daqingshan Practical Method Seminar participants on top of Qingshan Summit.

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Pengzhu 掤住

Touch and apply force. Try to measure and find out how the combined energy of the two parties. Hold on to the position and level of energy. This is called Pengzhu. It is a very basic aspect of Peng energy in Taijiquan. Then we can go into different body movements and techniques while maintaining the Pengzhu.

Hunyuan Qigong Workshop & Practical Method Private Master Chen Zhonghua
Hunyuan Qigong, created by Master Feng Zhiqiang, is the foundation of Hunyuan Taijiquan. The training of Gong is to nurture and to promote internal Qi, internal Jin and internal Gong. There are twelve forms in Hunyuan Qigong. This workshop is suited for everyone. No previous experience required.

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In a brief ceremony at the Queenstown Event Center on Sept. 6, 2022, Yuxin Liu was inducted as Chen Zhonghua’s 378th disciple.

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Indonesia Practical Method Seminar in Bogor on August 27, 2022. Because of the pandemic, this seminar is private and by invitation only. It was great to train again almost three years after the pandemic started!

Some taiji and fun with the 2022 Bogor Practical Method Seminar organizing team on August 25, 2022.

Bogor Batanical Gardens 20220825 – 1

Melvin Ng Han Wei of Singapore passed all tests and requirements, and was successfully accepted as an indoor disciple of Master Chen Zhonghua in the lineage of Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method system. A brief ceremony was held in Singapore on August 21, 2022 during Master Chen Zhonghua’s 2022 Singapore Practical Method seminar.

The master of ceremony ofthe event was Michael Koh, Master Chen Zhong’s first disciple in Singapore. Some students and disciples in Singapore attended the ceremony.

Chen Zhonghua’s Disciples


Locust Flowers on Daqingshan 20220507.

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Daqingshan in the Clouds April 27, 2022. Read more

Photos of Daqingshan on April 26, 2022.

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This video is in Mandarin. What Master Chen Zhonghua showed in this clip
is the Taiji concept of “Flow the the Curvature and Extend into the
Straight Line”. In this case the opponent’s action is on the hands
applied to the shoulder. So the shoulder moves along the same path as
the opponent’s move, while the Kua extends into (behind) the opponent’s
wait (center).
The original exercise is designed as a shoulder loosening drill.

在这个例子里肩随胯就。为了不吃亏随的肩只是转了一下,胯是伸进去的。#陈式太极拳 #陈中华太极 #陈中华 #太极推手 #五莲大青山旅游风景区 #青山太极 #真不动太极 #实用拳法推手 #陈中华太极馆 #随曲就伸 2019年陈中华北京实用拳法讲座活肩练习花絮。

On Jan. 9, 2022, Guangrao held its annual Practical Method general assembly. It was hosted by Hu Xiuyun, one of Master Chen Zhonghua’s local disciples. 40 People attended the event.

Chen Zhonghua Taijiquan Academy Guang Rao Branch 2021 Annual Meet.

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