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Full time and local classes in the Edmonton Studio on Chen Style Taijiquan and Hunyuan Taiji. [More Info]

On 21 Nov 2021, ATNI for the very first time did an Exclusive Interview with Master Chen Zhong Hua.

The outcome was overwhelming…hit beyond 300 participants in this Live Zoom Session.

For those who are unable to view last Sunday Live Session, kindly click on below link.

Kindly see attached words of thanks from all participants, for making this event a Success!!
Chatline from Zoom Meeting 21 Nov 2021_211126_214843

…learning about adaptation vs. action…screwdrivers only engage one way…

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anton priv Oct6-20  (2)

…Anton gets a private…get big, never move small…

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…GM gives Roy opportunities to try to use PM to move him in push hands…very focused session…

RoySept22-20 v2

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…one of the messages I hear, daily, from GM Zhonghua Chen is that he wants us to use our head as much as we use our body…

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…I am seeing PM, everywhere…making lunch today and…

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25.4x60cm 200张-出照片文件

…in my experience, great teachers are the ones that do certain things…

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…focused on Yilu corrections and body mechanics…make sure you view the video of this class…

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…what is the essential nature of Peng?  …is there room for creativity in training processes as a PM beginner?  …could be that how we answer these questions will affect the speed of our learning and our ability in PM over time, maybe…this is a speculative piece…

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… I have been telling Anton and Eric that my review of their lesson with GM, above date, was already submitted to the PM website, but I can’t find it anywhere, must have made an error in saving or posting or forgot to rub my magic ring, no really guys the dog ate my homework, anyway here it is, though I suspect the original version contained some absolutely brilliant insights that would have improved your training immeasurably, c’est la vie… Read more

…class was a part of the online Zoom ‘Make it Real’ series of lessons, focusing on the double-positive circle…be sure to check out the posted video this review relates to…

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GM reviews specific elements of  ‘6 sealing, 4 closing’ movement…or Roy’s body get’s adjusted, again, some more.. Read more

Feng Zhiqiang Teaching Chen Zhonghua Sword 冯志强教陈中华剑

…double-positive circles and the journey towards correct movement…

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Observations, insights, anecdotes, and some bad jokes about the content and process of  GM’s Zoom lesson on the above date.


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GM asked for 3 paragraphs on a part of the Zoom lesson, specifically, the topic of  ‘do the movement as required by GM, let everything else go’.

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– just after Roy’s 2nd private lesson with GM, it was suggested that I record his impressions about his experiences in this learning process
– I’m no journalist so bear with me here Read more

– I am beginning to understand some of the challenges in trying to describe, discuss, even think about PM in ways that pass along that information, in digestible bites to other people Read more

-so it was just myself, in back of a digital camera, watching GM teach a Zoom class, at 7:30 AM and I thought to myself, ‘Man I have to be careful of what I wish for because sometimes the fates are listening’ Read more

My Week In Review i

by Eric Moore on 2020/09/19

This was a busy week:

  • Wednesday
    • Private session with Master Chen
    • Advanced foundations and Yilu class with Master Allan
  • Thursday
  • Friday
    • Private session with Master Allan
    • Basic foundations and Yilu class with Master Allan


Key notes in no particular order:

  • Your body may be tired and sore from the previous day(s), and you will ask yourself if a day of rest would be better than going to train. Go to class! Once you start moving, blood will flow, and that soreness will go away. Every class has multiple gems, but they’re only available in the moment and in the context of what is being taught. If you miss it, you miss it, which I find to be more painful than the discomfort of tired muscles.
  • Move with power: This is a martial art, not a dance. Every move must come from a place of power. Visualise your opponent and make sure you are affecting their body with each movement.
  • Our arms are not part of the movement; they are only along for the ride. EVERYTHING comes from the kua and rotation.
  • When Master Chen demonstrates a specific point, only look at that point. He could be sacrificing his form elsewhere in the body to emphasise something very specific. If you’re watching other things, you could be learning something wrong.
  • When Master Chen is demonstrating a movement, he is not teaching anything theoretical. He is showing you EXACTLY what he is expecting you to do. Do not try to analyse it. Mirror it to the best of your ability.
  • Training should not be comfortable. Always grind your joints that little bit further than they want to go, so they will continue to open up.
  • It isn’t easy in the time of covid, but if possible train with a partner. The difference in someone physically stopping your shoulder from moving back, or locking your knee so it doesn’t follow, makes a big difference! (Please be safe! I’m lucky to get to train with family)
  • Practice your form without moving.
  • As always: Don’t move, only rotate!


I know I am missing so much, but it was a week of brain overload. I’m very happy with the progress I felt in my body. I was a little concerned on Wednesday as I felt a pop in my right kua. Thankfully it was a good pop. My right side has opened up a lot!

I’m looking forward to seeing the video from Wednesday’s private session. We worked through section 3, which I’m just trying to get my head wrapped around the choreography. If you’re looking for some great detail on that section, I’m sure between my session and Anton’s you’ll get great material. If you’re looking for a great taiji comedy, I’m fairly certain I played the part of the uncoordinated court jester to a T 😀


-two things I have been thinking about my practice in the past couple of days: 1. the new task of ‘resetting’ my body, given me by GM, is more profound than it seems, 2. the process of how you learn is as at least as important as what you learn
-the task GM has given me may be the most difficult one I’ve ever been given
-not only does it encompass a complete re-working, re-tooling, re-creation of my entire physical self it implicitly tasks me to begin to practice PM all-day long, not jibengong all day long, but finding ways to subtly inject elements of training into every action
-my body awareness and sensitivity will have to go up more than a notch, a quantum leap would be more descriptive, and my ability to accept and work with my cognitive-emotional states will have to ratchet up a notch also
-the task is to ‘re-set’ my body so that it produces expanding Peng (redundant?) energy without any observable or perhaps measurable tension in any body tissues, esp. the contractile muscles, ligaments and tendons
-this is proving to be extremely challenging and is of course affected by my psycho-emotional states, try relaxing contractile tissues while in pain (emotional or physical)
-in keeping with working on my assigned task I noticed that the class last night at the Edmonton studio was remarkable in a couple of ways
-firstly, we had a visitor, GM’s newest disciple Sooyeon Zachrias, who was a most delightful addition to our practice group
-secondly, I found myself fondly remembering my experiences at TigerClaw Gung Fu School in the ’70’s when I trained & and competed in kickboxing, we had a pretty informal competition class atmosphere and we regularly teased and joked with each other and the teachers/coaches
-our group last night was ‘playing’ with each other, there was joking, and teasing and relaxed informality
– we were all laughing out loud, but respectful, nothing out of line or intended to be anything but supportive
– Sooyeon Zachrias mentioned how she was enjoying the training experience with others as mostly she only attends workshops in MapleRidge, thank you Sooyeon for reminding me that the time I share with my brothers and sisters in this art gives me something different from the hrs and hrs I spend working on PM alone
-not saying every class has to be a stand up session or that no laughter means its not a good class, I am trying to say that the moments we share in class are precious
– we all have the physical pains of trying to grind away the rough parts of our joints and the psychological pain of removing from our souls anything that fails to make room for Peng
-hope this is an okay subject to post on PM website
-learning to live a breath at a time

– just before class began on Friday evening GM held another instructional session at the Edmonton studio
– he instructed on several topics, I am mindful of trying not to add or delete any of his words intentionally
– he observed part of my first section Yilu and commented that I was still tensing, flexing, using my deltoid muscles when I was doing the form
– he then demonstrated how he could open his hand, create Peng energy in his hand, forearm and upper arm, entire body, while not creating any tension or flexion in the internal contractile tissues; he was totally in control of what was locked and what was moving, down to the tendon & ligament level of his body
– he further demonstrated as he asked me to grasp his forearm firmly, he moved his Kua and his arm, still with no observable tension pulled me off balance, I scrambled to my notebook to begin writing
– the main message was that I need to work towards ‘re-setting’ my entire body so that I only create expansion or Peng energy in it
– he spoke about how Taoist theory holds that for Taiji to work, for our bodies to be ready to create the conditions necessary for Peng, we need to create a centre point, a still point inside our bodies like a black hole, a kind of gyro-scope that creates a centre point around which rotations, stretches, elongations, etc. can happen properly
– I think he said that each body part, joint, fascial connection, all have to have a centre point around which I can learn to open and rotate
– he said that the act of creating Peng energy in the body must become continuous while practising, eventually
– am still not sure of the exact mechanics of how to begin to try to manifest this expanding energy within my body without engaging any of the surrounding musculatures, or even ligs/tendons that are superfluous, it seems I must take what I experienced when GM demo’d on me and try to replicate this within my body as best I can at my skill & understanding level
– a big part of this, it seems, has to do with releasing my anxiety & mental tension during practice to facilitate my ‘listening’ skill, to be able to feel the body dynamics of push hands partners I need to develop sensitivity within my own body, realizing that it is not a direct correlation, my body creating tensionless Peng expansion energy will sometimes likely outstrip my ability to feel/detect movement cues from my push hands partners
– he also demonstrated the footwork skill of using the leading leg to pull your body in the desired direction, rather than pushing off the trailing leg, using the ligaments on the inside of the legs, finishing the movement by using the trailing legs recontacting the floor to create a brake for the momentum, movement
– any errors, omissions, or plain mistakes are due to me, my old man memory, and my beginners understanding of what GM was trying to teach

Wed Sept 9, Edmonton, Alberta; approx 8 PM local time
Impromptu training with GM…how to move…

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Edmonton Practical Method Taiji Academy Customized Sword Sales


Our Edmonton Studio has another function other than teaching Taiji and Qigong – we do sword sales, but more importantly we do customizations so the sword you buy from us is unique. The sword shown here is the latest completed Damascus Jian. Because of having to limit the number of students during Covid-19, we now need to boost our sword sales in order to ensure our Studio stays open.

All our swords are made in Longquan, China Read more

Edmonton Practical Method Taiji Academy is opening Wednesday, July 15 at 10am for regular classes. We will be following our regular scheduled classes from that time forward.
Covid-19 is not over and we must take stringent precautions to protect staff and students.

MASKS inside the Studio are mandated. If you have a respiratory problem a face visor must be used instead. We have disposable masks for sale at the Studio if required. A visor can be found at A-Mart on 9251- 34 ave. NW for $7+GST.( If you know other sources let me know.) Read more

Location: 5222-86 Street, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
Phone: 780-413-0454
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The Edmonton Academy will be closing Monday and Tuesday classes from Dec. 14, 2015 until Jan. 12, 2016 inclusive as the instructor for those days is on medical leave and I will be in Japan. Wednesday am and pm, Thursday, and Friday classes will all run as per our usual schedule. I encourage those who attend our Monday and Tuesday classes to move temporarily to one or more of the Wednesday to Friday classes. Sword Thursday is particularly fun. Sorry for the short notice and wishing Yen Gee a speedy recovery.

Monday and Tuesday classes will resume Jan. 18, 2016.

Our Academy holidays will start Dec. 19 and we will reopen Jan. 6, 2016.

Wishing all an interesting Holiday and keep doing Taiji and Qigong – practice makes perfect especially as probably too much food is coming.


Fantastic first day with applications, foundations and basic “don’t move” information. Great progress was demonstrated by all attendees showing how an extended concentrated learning situation can boost the body and understanding to grow. Grandmaster Chen’s instructions and guidance was as usual extraordinary. More Foundations and Yilu for the second day as well as a disciple ceremony. We are so looking forward to our last day of training and fellowship.

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Scot Broadsword 2I finally got the few photos I have access to sorted and edited so this is quite a late posting of the Edmonton International Qigong/ Taiji Day Showcase from April 26, 2014.

There was quite a good turnout with over 30 students and guests attending. We started with a brief introduction to Tai Chi and our instructors: Master Allan Belsheim, Master Yen Gee, Scot Jorgensen and Rion Swanson. Read more

The annual 7 day Edmonton Seminar with Grandmaster Chen Zhonghua and Master Allan Belsheim will be held at the Hunyuantaiji Academy 5222- 86 street, Edmonton Alberta from Saturday June 29 to Friday July 5 (9 am to 4:30 pm daily).

The Seminar will focus on Yilu corrections, Foundations, Push Hands,  Broadsword corrections and Theory. This is a major North American event that is designed to increase your understanding and knowledge of the correct study and application of Chen Taiji. Read more

Hunyuantaiji Academy, 5222-86 street, Edmonton will be having our New Year’s Open House on Saturday January 12 and Sunday January 13 from 10 am until 1 pm. Join a Free lesson and  find out what our Academy can do for you to help you become fit, healthy and able to develop both brain and body as lifelong learning. Read more

The Edmonton Full Time Training session will be held September 24 until December 21, 2012 so let me know soon if you will be attending.  Edmonton, the Home of  Grandmaster Chen Zhonghua,  has a reputation as being able to give you an incredible amount of instruction for the time you are here.

We specialize in helping beginners or advanced practitioners to learn or correct Practical method Foundations, Silk Reeling, Theory, Applications, Yilu, Erlu, Chen Sword and Broadsword, Hunyuan Qigong and Hunyuan 24 form. Contact me at: allanbelsheim@shaw.ca and check for more

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I would like to remind everyone (and invite those interested) that on September 24, 2012 Edmonton Full Time training will start and continue until December 21. This would be an excellent time for those who would relish this type of training and a North American location to visit Edmonton. Edmonton has few distractions to interrupt training so is ideal for learning.

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The Edmonton Hunyuantaiji Academy at 5222 – 86 street will be hosting a Seminar and Open House on March 17 (Saturday) and March 18 (Sunday) . The Seminar will start at 9 am to 4:30 pm both days and the Open House portion will take place between the hours of 10 am and noon. Read more

Allan has asked me to share my experience, so here are some of my impressions: Read more

Edmonton Hunyuantaiji Academy is having a Seminar and combining it with an Open House this year. The Seminar covers Foundations, Yilu and corrections, Theory and Push Hands as well as the possibility of Broadsword review. Seminar starts at 9 am and ends at 5 pm. Open House is from 10 am to 1 pm.

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I wanted to share my experiences of the June 2011 workshop in Edmonton. It was amazing as always. As a group we decided to focus ont Yilu and fundamentals during the time I was there. We sweated a LOT and did Yilu again and again and again. Read more

Saturday April 16 and Sunday April 17 there will b a Sword Workshop presented by Master Chen and Master Belsheim in Edmonton, Alberta. The focus will be on the sword form and its applications. Read more

There will be an Edmonton Taiji Seminar starting Monday February 14 to Friday Feb. 18. Topics covered will be Foundations leading to certification, Yilu corrections and Push Hands Drills. This is an excellent opportunity to get expert Taiji instruction during the cold winter – warm up your brain and body! This Seminar is suitable for beginner to advanced.

Monday and Tuesday classes will start at 8:30 am to 4:30pm, while Wednesday to Friday will be 9 am to 5 pm. Instruction will be by Allan Belsheim on Monday and Chen Zhonghua the rest of the week.

Register now!

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