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Sydney Classes i

by Brian Chung on 2019/01/01

Sydney Chen Zhonghua Taiji Academy

Sydney Chen Zhonghua Taiji Academy 澳洲悉尼陈中华太极馆

Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method 陈氏太极拳实用拳法

Classes: Sunday 8:30am to 10:00am at DJKJ Kung Fu Rosebery
No classes on all public holidays or long weekends
Curriculum: Chen Stye Taijiquan Practical Method
Foundations, Yilu (First Routine), Theory, Push Hands
Location Details: DJKJ, 34 Rosebery Avenue, Rosebery NSW 2018
Instructor: Brian Chung
Fee: 1 class per week: $200 for 10 weeks
Contact: For more information and registration, please contact:
Brian Chung
+61 423 035 857

Sydney Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/291120944836265/
Sydney Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/practicalmethodsydney/

About learning

1. Give it enough time. The secret is time.

2. Give yourself enough time to find the shortcuts.

3. Progress comes from holding yourself. Don’t overshoot yourself. Don’t use power.

4. Train the rail – first, you will not get the line. 3-months later, the trajectory is imprinted on the body [with practice]. You’ll see the line.
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About learning

1. “The teacher teaches the principle. You go home and practice.”

2. Follow the principle. Don’t deviate.
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2018.12.16 Sydney Workshop Day Two Notes – Brian Chung Read more

2018.12.15 Sydney Workshop Day One Notes – Brian Chung Read more



Instructors: Master Chen Zhonghua, Instructor Chen Xu, Instructor Ling Zili
Date: Dec 15-16, 2018
Time: 9:00am to 5:30pm
Location: DJKJ Kung Fu Academy
34 Rosebery Avenue, Rosebery NSW 2018
Topics: Theory, Foundations, form (yilu), applications and push hands
Fee: $380 for 2 days, $220 for 1 day.
Suggested preparation for first-timers, get yourself familiar with the following:
  1. Positive and Negative Circles: Two Circles of Taiji
  2. Yilu First 13 Moves: Chen Style Yilu 13 Moves
For more information and registration, please contact:
Brian Chung
+61 423 035 857

The 6th Daqingshan International Competition


Daqingshan Mountain from the Pagoda

The start of my stay in China coincided with the 6th International Daqingshan Competition (April 28th to 30th this year), a yearly gathering that Master Chen started to promote both Taijiquan forms (a series of choreographed movements particular to each Family style) and also to provide a stage for a large scale Push Hands (a means of practicing Taiji techniques whilst trying to unbalance your opponent) tournament.

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click on top left corner in the video to see the playlist


Practice with Power i

by admin2 on 2018/03/01

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2017.12.17 Sydney Workshop Day Two Notes by Brian Chung


  1. Coordination never occurs until there is something independent.
  2. Moving Step Positive Circle. The middle is independent. It cannot get involved.
  3. A move must be clear, don’t drag anything into it.
  4. Example of a mechanical typewriter – two keys cannot jam together.
  5. Example of a deer. Feet move, the body does not.
  6. Moving Step Exercises. (1) Positive Circle. (2) Grand Red Fist (Da Hong Quan) (3) Single Leg Grand Red Fist (Da Hong Quan)
  7. Shift Space. Master Chen demonstrated this on me. He covered four squares.
  8. To Issue. When you are issuing power, your opponent must bounce out on his own.
  9. Three Coin demonstration. Line up three coins on a table. (1) Rear Foot (2) You (3) Opponent. #2 does not move. When #1 hits #2, #3 is bounced out.
  10. Not moving water (Bu Liu Shui).
  11. All movements must be stable. Then add layers.
  12. Form Individual Move Exercises (1) Whip Wrapping Around the Body. (2) Jade Girl Works at Shuttles (3) Wild Horse Parts Its Mane
  13. There is no right or wrong. There is only the Dao.
  14. Just observe what’s going on and go with it.
  15. Only ideas are left, physical things we don’t care. (Chinese vs Western culture)
  16. The art must be at the centre. We are just a small part of it. When you place yourself at the centre, you will make changes.
  17. Always ask yourself: What was it that I was taught the first day?
  18. The teacher’s job is to sequence things.
  19. It has to be his doing, otherwise it’s not Taiji.
  20. If your method is the same, you can mirror.
  21. Analogy of a locked door (two rods)  / open door (one rod).
  22. The one you don’t know what happened, that’s the right one.
  23. It cannot move. If it moves it cannot connect.
  24. Train your body to outmanoeuvre them, not pick on their vulnerability.
  25. When it rotates, time does not exist. Weight does not exist. Power does not exist.
  26. Master Chen said your form is not bad. You just need to fight a lot. Otherwise the form is just imagination.

2017.12.16 Sydney Workshop Day One Notes by Brian Chung

  1. The two buttocks and tailbone splits into a tripod. It will take sixty years to train. Do not believe you can do it.
  2. Alignment is everything goes through a bottleneck.
  3. When the Horizontal and Vertical dot meets, it becomes a three dimensional force field.
  4. Peng Energy.
  5. From nothing, to form. Once the energy is there, we do not need the form.
  6. Gong Fa. Quan Fa. Tui Shou (push hand). San Shou (free, loose). Duan Shou (broken).
  7. Foundations. Twisting the Towel. Fetch Water. Six Sealing Four Closing. Positive Circle. Negative Circle.
  8. Seven Inch Knife.
  9. Master corrected my Six Sealing Four Closing. He adjusted the orientation of my front kua and the direction of the front hand. He then emphasised the front kua / front shoulder rod.
  10. Master corrected my large Six Sealing Four Closing. The rear hand must be bigger.
  11. Your door can never be open.
  12. Master Chen demonstrated using a spear. The front hand is always pointing at your opponent.
  13. Double Positive Circle.
  14. Double Negative Circle.
  15. Movement must come from the line. The line cannot be part of the move.
  16. Twilight is at 12:00 and 6:00. Find these two dots and amplify them.
  17. Full. Cannot add, cannot take away.
  18. Essence, Qi, Spirit.
  19. We are doing a series of mechanical movements.
  20. Perceived power. It does not exist. But it does.
Exercises: Moving Step
  1. Stepping side to side. The left foot, dantian, and right foot are three dots. Lock two dots, and move one.
    1. Horse stance.
    2. Lock dantian and R foot. Suck L foot in.
    3. Shovel out.
  2. Double Negative stepping out on a straight line.
    1. Double push down.
    2. Adjust front foot.
    3. Elbow in while turning 180 degrees.
  3. Shovel Out with hands on knees.
    1. Press on your rear knee, shovel out at 45 degrees.
    2. Shift to the middle.
    3. Press on your front knee, suck the rear leg in.
  1. So small there is nothing inside of it. So large there is nothing outside of it.
  2. Upper Dantian is also called the Ancestry Cavity. Zu Qiao. Middle Dantian is at the solar plexus. Lower Dantian is three fingers below the navel, three inches in.
  3. What is real cannot be named.
  4. Behind is ability, in front is function.
  5. If we have a question, write it down, then ask it after we are training. While we are training we must focus.
  6. Push hands about (1) how quickly you adapt to your opponent (2) how fast you make a decision.
  7. Experience cannot be replaced by theory.
  8. Entice into Emptiness.
  9. Story about Master Watermelon Peel.
  10. Story about Grandmaster Hong and moving the rock.
  11. Energy Training Exercise (Da Li Gong).

Sydney Workshop 2016 Notes

December 17, 2016

Notes by Brian Chung on day 1 of the workshop with Master Chen Zhonghua and Chen Xu. Notes 2016-12-10 Sydney Workshop Day 1 1. Practical Method consists of Gongfa (jibengong), Quanfa (yilu, erlu, jian, dao, waxwood pole), Yongfa (tui shou, san shou). 2. We start with only the physical. In the end, there is nothing [...]

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Sydney 2016 Push Hands

December 15, 2016


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Perth Open House Video

April 29, 2016
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Taiji Seminar Tour Daqingshan China August 2016

March 25, 2016

August 2016 Taiji China Seminar Tour. This trip is organised to coincide with Master Chen Zhonghua’s seminar for Chinese and International students. The 7 days seminar will focus on Push Hands applications, but there will be ample opportunity to improve your form and or to learn a Chen style sword form (Straight Sword or Broad [...]

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Perth Push Hand Workshop March 2016 (Chen Xu)

March 18, 2016

Chen Xu is on a 3 weeks teaching trip in Australia. Below are photos from Perth courtesy of Gawain Siu

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Perth 2015 Workshop Photo

December 20, 2015
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Perth Workshop with Chen Xu

March 17, 2015
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Sydney workshop day one: Oct. 18, 2014

October 18, 2014

Today was the first day of the workshop in Sydney. After some adminstrative issues and handing out the t-shirts, Master Chen took control and started in quick sucession of static 3 count elbow in, turn waist, hand out. Soon this developed in stepping positive circles, and before everyone recovered the class was already twisting (wringing) [...]

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Gawain Siu Discipleship on October 12, 2014 Photo

October 12, 2014

More photos from Perth Australia at Facebook album  

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Sydney, Australia Class Schedule

November 20, 2013

Chen style Taijiquan Practical Method class starting at the Balmain PCYC on Monday evening from 7pm to 8:30pm Address: 372 Darling St, Balmain NSW 2041 Contact: Paul Janssens at info@chenpracticalmethod.com.au

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