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Notes by Brian Chung on day 1 of the workshop with Master Chen Zhonghua and Chen Xu.

Notes 2016-12-10 Sydney Workshop Day 1

1. Practical Method consists of Gongfa (jibengong), Quanfa (yilu, erlu, jian, dao, waxwood pole), Yongfa (tui shou, san shou).
2. We start with only the physical. In the end, there is nothing physical.
3. 3 things we don’t work with. Breathing, Fingers, Eating. We were born with these abilities.
4. The middle must come out.
5. Did you see the middle? Did you see the red?

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Sydney 2016 Push Hands i

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Perth Open House Video i

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August 2016 Taiji China Seminar Tour.

This trip is organised to coincide with Master Chen Zhonghua’s seminar for Chinese and International students. The 7 days seminar will focus on Push Hands applications, but there will be ample opportunity to improve your form and or to learn a Chen style sword form (Straight Sword or Broad sword).

This is a trip for Taiji enthusiasts. You can practice as little or as much as you desire. There will be several Chinese instructors available during the period as well as international instructors who will be attending the seminar. This is not a ‘See China’ tour, but a Taiji training tour.

Assume you have two 1.5hr classes per week (for a total of 3 hrs per week), this trip gives you the opportunity to learn 35 weeks of material. (Based on 105 hours of training over 12 days)

More information to join from Australia (Sydney – QingDao) http://www.chenpracticalmethod.com.au/home/china-trip-2016/

Chen Xu is on a 3 weeks teaching trip in Australia. Below are photos from Perth courtesy of Gawain Siu








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8-16-2015 8-16-34 AM



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Syd14 - groupToday was the first day of the workshop in Sydney. After some adminstrative issues and handing out the t-shirts, Master Chen took control and started in quick sucession of static 3 count elbow in, turn waist, hand out. Soon this developed in stepping positive circles, and before everyone recovered the class was already twisting (wringing) the towel. We also explored the three way split, the effect of the resultant power (usually the other person on the ground).


We then continued with an extensive series of applications related to the movements of ‘Buddha’s Warrior’, and Master Chen demonstrated various variations to the applications with the foot kicking in the knee, the foot sliding behind the leg, the foot sliding behind the leg and kick the opponents leg from under them, the split of the kua at the front for higher moves and the back kua for lower hand moves, how the three way split applies to this, and much, much more. Read more

More photos from Perth Australia at Facebook album

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Chen style Taijiquan Practical Method class starting at the Balmain PCYC on Monday evening from 7pm to 8:30pm
Address: 372 Darling St, Balmain NSW 2041

Contact: Paul Janssens at info@chenpracticalmethod.com.au

Ceremony conducted at Perth Workshop.

Paul Janssens James Strider

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Dear Mr Chen, thank you for your instruction. A lot of instructors will talk about principles that are really concepts that is subjective like relaxation. It was a real pleasure to work with material that was based on mechanical principles and was repeatable. A real pleasure. (Miles Henderson facebook comment)

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1st Australian visit by Master Chen Zhonghua in March 2012, Sydney and Canberra. Registration and more info: chenpracticalmethod.com.au

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We, from the crisp clean deep snow in the north, feel sorry for you poor souls!

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