2017 Sydney Workshop Day Two Notes by Brian Chung

by Brian Chung on 2017/12/30

2017.12.17 Sydney Workshop Day Two Notes by Brian Chung


  1. Coordination never occurs until there is something independent.
  2. Moving Step Positive Circle. The middle is independent. It cannot get involved.
  3. A move must be clear, don’t drag anything into it.
  4. Example of a mechanical typewriter – two keys cannot jam together.
  5. Example of a deer. Feet move, the body does not.
  6. Moving Step Exercises. (1) Positive Circle. (2) Grand Red Fist (Da Hong Quan) (3) Single Leg Grand Red Fist (Da Hong Quan)
  7. Shift Space. Master Chen demonstrated this on me. He covered four squares.
  8. To Issue. When you are issuing power, your opponent must bounce out on his own.
  9. Three Coin demonstration. Line up three coins on a table. (1) Rear Foot (2) You (3) Opponent. #2 does not move. When #1 hits #2, #3 is bounced out.
  10. Not moving water (Bu Liu Shui).
  11. All movements must be stable. Then add layers.
  12. Form Individual Move Exercises (1) Whip Wrapping Around the Body. (2) Jade Girl Works at Shuttles (3) Wild Horse Parts Its Mane
  13. There is no right or wrong. There is only the Dao.
  14. Just observe what’s going on and go with it.
  15. Only ideas are left, physical things we don’t care. (Chinese vs Western culture)
  16. The art must be at the centre. We are just a small part of it. When you place yourself at the centre, you will make changes.
  17. Always ask yourself: What was it that I was taught the first day?
  18. The teacher’s job is to sequence things.
  19. It has to be his doing, otherwise it’s not Taiji.
  20. If your method is the same, you can mirror.
  21. Analogy of a locked door (two rods)  / open door (one rod).
  22. The one you don’t know what happened, that’s the right one.
  23. It cannot move. If it moves it cannot connect.
  24. Train your body to outmanoeuvre them, not pick on their vulnerability.
  25. When it rotates, time does not exist. Weight does not exist. Power does not exist.
  26. Master Chen said your form is not bad. You just need to fight a lot. Otherwise the form is just imagination.

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