Notes for Sydney Workshop Feb 17-18, 2024 by Brian Chung

by Brian Chung on 2024/02/24

2024.02.17 Sydney Practical Method Workshop Day 1 Notes 澳洲悉尼实用拳法讲座笔记锺百豪 (英文)

  1. Twisting.
  2. | Power comes from here, it’s a rod, it’s a line. You have to have a stick in order to rotate it. This is the basic theory but we do not have anything like this.
  3. /\ In Taiji we are not allowed to move. When you move in a controlled, regular way, we call that a Taiji Action.
  4. Three Dots. (A) is truly not moving. Fixed in three dimension. (B) is not moving. Fixed on a track. (C) is moving. Free within the constraints of the relationships of the setup.
  5. Rod. Hold the middle and rub to spin it. When you spin it fast, the energy goes up and down. The middle does not move. Story about door hinge pin at Edmonton school requiring hammering down.
  6. Yao Ba. The practical problem of rotating a rod is we cannot produce a hold on a rod. _|-|_
  7. (1) Axis. (2) Joint. (3) Yao Dang Zhuan Huan. 腰裆转换
  8. Xia Ta Wai Nian. 下塌外碾. Sink down to push out.
  9. Exercise. Fix the foot and head on a rod. One piece, do not bend the body. Only move the middle causing the two ends to get closer.
  10. You huo. There is stuff in it.
  11. We must restructure and lose our muscles, and use structural integrity and tendon power to hold ourselves together.
  12. Twisting the Towel. Use the two arms to rotate the rod. The body is dead. Use the arm to rub to activate it.
  13. When you do something, the thing that’s done must be done by something else. If you do something by itself that’s not Taiji. Taiji is there are two.
  14. Song means dead. Dead means don’t move it.
  15. 捻 Nian. To grind with your hand. 碾 To grind with a rock.
  16. To make thread out of cotton.
  17. We want to physically experience everything.
  18. Intent is the ability to produce a relationship, a connection without a physical connection.
  19. Circle. We produce a circle by having an extension of the rod. When the rod rotates, the extension draws a circle.
  20. It is not correct or incorrect. This is a training method to make your body more even.
  21. There is never right or wrong. There is a system.
  22. Learning is to become part of a new system.
  23. The worst thing in the traditional sense is that you know what you should not know. It destroys the way to learn.
  24. When I left China, Hong touched me in a special way. He said to me, now you have been touched by Chen Wangting.
  25. The true feeling is the one you cannot describe.
2024.02.18 Sydney Practical Method Workshop Day 2 Notes 澳洲悉尼实用拳法讲座笔记锺百豪 (英文)
  1. Twisting the Towel. Separate the body into two pieces, upper and lower. Two pieces working as one. Kua connects to the elbow. Shoulder is separate. Connect the arm to the foot, not the torso.
  2. Rotation creates a split. Split is in two directions. The two directions are always at 90 degrees. The force field is at 45 degrees.
  3. Taiji energy is either or.
  4. Chu Yi Ge 出一个。Something comes out of nothing.
  5. Ting 挺. I touched the top of Master Chen’s shoulders. They were solid on the floor.
  6. Exaggerate. When you exaggerate, you are actually focusing. You are only doing the thing you are supposed to do, ignore the rest. Our problem is that we are always synthesizing.
  7. Expansion. Two types. Bone, when you squeeze or pull it, it actually expands without you showing it physically. Skin, you can actually pull it.
  8. Bei Si Kou 背丝扣。
  9. Every time your back locks to have power. Releases to have movement.
  10. Hong says learning is to add more moves to it. Ability is the less moves you have, the more power you have.
  11. Chen Xu demonstrated applications of the first 13 moves of Yilu.
  12. Exercise. L hand catches wrist. R hand place on middle. Make the action even. Stretch the two ends. Focus on a dot in the middle to split from.
  13. Going into that spot you feel you are lost. Do what I tell you.
  14. Exercise. Push with partner and get stuck. Fix the shoulders. Move the feet in and out as far back as possible.
  15. Exercise. Going over. Hold onto a horizontal bar. This is the demarcation. Step your feet over to the other side of the bar.
  16. We want to produce a confrontation here. You opponent thinks you are here, but you are here. It’s called to steal. You add one without your opponent knowing it. Once you put it here it becomes a pulling power. The result is called to steal one. The action is called to thread.
  17. The most primitive and direct vernacular for Taiji is Si Liang Bo Qian Jin.
  18. The result has to be enticing into emptiness. The action is to use Bo. Bo is when there is a full load, you pull a trigger, something happens.
  19. We are looking for two useless moves. Somewhere in between the two, a power is generated. You are not aware of the power. Your opponent is aware. Your opponent says, how come you told me to loosen up, but you fought me. Your response is, no I didn’t. If your result is like this script, you are doing it right.
  20. Exercise. Fix the bicep, move the chest in. Fix the chest, stretch the hand out.
  21. Whatever you want, I give all of it to you. Whatever you didn’t want, I’m not giving you one bit of it.
  22. Exercise. Partner pushes. Extend the line, get out of the way, follow from the back.
  23. Shun. You must go with the flow. Even when you reverse it, it is a conveyer belt.
  24. Hou fa zhi ren. You allow your opponent to start, you finish it.
  25. Exercise. Hit your foot like a Newton ball. The middle does not move.
  26. Exercise. Fix the dantian and back. Wrap both arms around in a negative circle. Step forward. Repeat.
  27. Exercise. Contact. Sink down. Slam with the waist. The hand is only a whip.
  28. Exercise. Step back to Mount Tiger. Rotate on an axis on your right shoulder and right kua.
  29. In Practical Method, the physical moves guide the precision.
  30. Feng believes internal means there is something special, it comes out, and will hit you and blow you up.
  31. Hong says it is enticing you onto a cliff, and push you off. There’s nothing in me. I can trick you.

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James A March 2, 2024 at 8:59 pm

Thanks Brian for the very detailed notes. My favourite quote is “The true feeling is the one you cannot describe.”


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