Chen Zhonghua’s disciple Sun Yang in black pushes hands in a friendly manner with the fourth place winner of Shandong Provincial wrestling competition. The person in white is a professional wrestler from the Shandong University of Sports.

Yilu Daqingshan 2013 i

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13 Moves Side View i

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Cannon Fist Daqingshan i

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Robot Taiji i

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Prague Open House 17 i

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Iowa Workshop 2017 i

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Speed of Taiji i

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Spencer Jones is teaching in Chicago

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Note at 0:42 how Master Chen do the 47. Part the Wild Horse’s Mane on Both Sides (Yie Ma Fen Zong) move

Body Control in Yilu 1

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Please Comment on what you see and how we should apply it in Yilu practice

HunYuan 24 i

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For long time student, please notice how Master Chen uses practical method principle in this routine

Shanghai Class i

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Dantian Rotation i

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click on top left corner in the video to see the playlist

click on top left corner in the video to see the playlist


Internal Rotation Yilu i

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Practice with Power i

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