2017 Sydney Workshop Day One Notes by Brian Chung

by Brian Chung on 2017/12/30

2017.12.16 Sydney Workshop Day One Notes by Brian Chung

  1. The two buttocks and tailbone splits into a tripod. It will take sixty years to train. Do not believe you can do it.
  2. Alignment is everything goes through a bottleneck.
  3. When the Horizontal and Vertical dot meets, it becomes a three dimensional force field.
  4. Peng Energy.
  5. From nothing, to form. Once the energy is there, we do not need the form.
  6. Gong Fa. Quan Fa. Tui Shou (push hand). San Shou (free, loose). Duan Shou (broken).
  7. Foundations. Twisting the Towel. Fetch Water. Six Sealing Four Closing. Positive Circle. Negative Circle.
  8. Seven Inch Knife.
  9. Master corrected my Six Sealing Four Closing. He adjusted the orientation of my front kua and the direction of the front hand. He then emphasised the front kua / front shoulder rod.
  10. Master corrected my large Six Sealing Four Closing. The rear hand must be bigger.
  11. Your door can never be open.
  12. Master Chen demonstrated using a spear. The front hand is always pointing at your opponent.
  13. Double Positive Circle.
  14. Double Negative Circle.
  15. Movement must come from the line. The line cannot be part of the move.
  16. Twilight is at 12:00 and 6:00. Find these two dots and amplify them.
  17. Full. Cannot add, cannot take away.
  18. Essence, Qi, Spirit.
  19. We are doing a series of mechanical movements.
  20. Perceived power. It does not exist. But it does.
Exercises: Moving Step
  1. Stepping side to side. The left foot, dantian, and right foot are three dots. Lock two dots, and move one.
    1. Horse stance.
    2. Lock dantian and R foot. Suck L foot in.
    3. Shovel out.
  2. Double Negative stepping out on a straight line.
    1. Double push down.
    2. Adjust front foot.
    3. Elbow in while turning 180 degrees.
  3. Shovel Out with hands on knees.
    1. Press on your rear knee, shovel out at 45 degrees.
    2. Shift to the middle.
    3. Press on your front knee, suck the rear leg in.
  1. So small there is nothing inside of it. So large there is nothing outside of it.
  2. Upper Dantian is also called the Ancestry Cavity. Zu Qiao. Middle Dantian is at the solar plexus. Lower Dantian is three fingers below the navel, three inches in.
  3. What is real cannot be named.
  4. Behind is ability, in front is function.
  5. If we have a question, write it down, then ask it after we are training. While we are training we must focus.
  6. Push hands about (1) how quickly you adapt to your opponent (2) how fast you make a decision.
  7. Experience cannot be replaced by theory.
  8. Entice into Emptiness.
  9. Story about Master Watermelon Peel.
  10. Story about Grandmaster Hong and moving the rock.
  11. Energy Training Exercise (Da Li Gong).

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