2018 Sydney Workshop Day Two Notes by Brian Chung

by Brian Chung on 2018/12/20

2018.12.16 Sydney Workshop Day Two Notes – Brian Chung

  1. In each core Foundation, the power shoots out of different places. (1) Twisting the Towel – finger. (2) Fetch Water – front shoulder (3) Six Sealing Four Closing – waist.

  2. Throw power through a dot.

  3. Progress comes from – hold yourself. Do not use power.

  4. 10,000 Yilus will equate to around 3,600,000 circles.

  5. Hand locks onto the target. Foot launches the missile.

  6. The enemy should only see your fist. No elbow. No shoulder. This is why they cannot judge the distance.

  7. Train until your opponent does not know.

  8. Story of Hong at Black Tiger Springs and the Japanese karate master.

  9. Listening to the teacher is the shortcut.

  10. We only work with Distance / Angle / Accuracy. Never say Power. Power is the result. Distance is time.

  11. Master said to write down: The hand and the foot is connected because the middle does not move.

  12. True Knowledge is (1) Given. You don’t have it. (2) Reject. Every cell in your body rejects it. (3) No. In the end you will say no.

  13. Master demonstrated to Stifle.

  14. Master used two fingers on my forearm.

  15. Magic 90 degrees.

  16. Example of the magic 90 degrees. I held onto Master’s wrist. Forearm / Elbow in. The forearm lines up without deviation. The action of the elbow is at 90 degrees without deviating from the original line.

  17. In push hands, you must fall on your own terms. Eventually it opens up.

  18. Stick to your partner. Be like a monkey.

  19. I held onto Master’s thigh while he demonstrated the rotation of the waist. The thigh rotates, causing the waist to turn. It is a gearbox. There is a 90 degree angle here.

  20. Letting go. You just have to laugh. How else can you live?

  21. Exercise: Sink Waist to Press the Elbow – with power.

  22. Exercise: Twisting the Towel – with power.

  23. Exercise: Six Sealing Four Closing – with power.

  24. Speed has to do with width.

  25. Example: A radio wave travels very quickly because of the size of the particle.

  26. Hong says there is no distance between you and me.

  27. We measure visual distance with the width between our eyes.

  28. Exercise: Don’t leave the leg. This is called climbing.

  29. Exercise: Zu San Li – Foot Three Mile.

  30. Exercise: The Heavy Arm.

  31. Yilu 13 Moves Applications. Three Levels. (1) Peng (2) Blood (3) Killing [cause damage]

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Blake Carney December 23, 2018 at 2:04 pm

Thanks Brian for your generosity in posting these concise and informative notes. Great stuff!


Brian Chung December 26, 2018 at 11:26 pm

You are welcome, Blake.


Vanessa Cooper January 15, 2019 at 8:44 pm

Thanks for the notes Brian.
Hope to see you in Sydney soon


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