2018 Sydney Workshop Day One Notes by Brian Chung

by Brian Chung on 2018/12/20

2018.12.15 Sydney Workshop Day One Notes – Brian Chung


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Chen Wangting [9th]

Chen Fake [17th]

Hong Junsheng [18th]

Feng Zhiqiang [18th]


  1. Story of Chen Wangting and Qi Jiguang.

  2. There are two different characters to denote style. 式 , 氏. The latter denotes family style.

  3. It is said that Chen Pu was the first generation of Chen Style Taijiquan.

  4. In later years, the number ordering of generations was changed, making Chen Wangting the first generation.



Cannon Fist [Erlu]

Sword [Chen Yuxia]

Broadsword [Feng]

Long Waxwood Stick [3.5m – 5m]

  1. Neigong (内功) is a secret. It is totally shrouded in mystery. It actually means Foundations.

  2. Story of Hong with Chen Fake asking him, what do you do in the morning in private before open practice? (Positive Circle). But sometimes I hear sounds. (Moving Step). Is that all? You can do the opposite (Negative Circle).

  3. Foundations – alphabet / Yilu – talking / Cannon Fist – arguing

  4. Push Hands is a name for Taiji fighting.

  5. Tui Shou – Push Hand – Sticking – Surround

  6. San Shou – Free Hand – Pain – Capture

  7. Zhan Shou – Cut Hand – Red – Destroy

  8. chu shou jian hong (出手见红) – hand out see red – when the hand comes out it must draw blood.


System of Three

  1. Taiji is based on a system of three.
  2. If it does not work, tie it up, or cut it up.


 ( Yin | Yang )

  1. It is real, but it is the only thing that is not real.

  2. Example: (1) Create a lever with a stick using one finger (2) Spin the stick in the air

  3. In Taiji there is no lifting.

  4. Three Methods: (1) Create a pivot (2) Add a dot (3) Split it

  5. We all live in an illusion. We are all a little bit off.

  6. Hong says Add One (or Subtract One).

  7. That little bit (we are a little bit off) is so elusive. Find it, and you are changed.

  8. Heaven – When heaven receives one it is qing 晴, clear

  9. Earth – When Earth receives one it is ying 盈,full of life

  10. Human – When Human receives one it is ning 宁, peace of mind (there is nothing in it).

  11. Full is Empty

  12. Real / Function

  13. Twisting the Towel – (1) Downward lock of the shoulder (2) Lock onto target of the finger (3) Movement in the middle of the elbow.

  14. There is a curvature in every action to your dantian.

  15. With the principle, you can say, give me any position.

  16. To learn, you must be direct. In fighting, you never give direct information.


Five heads. Fix / Outside.

Everything else. Towards Dantian.

  1. Kua has one function. The Dantian has universal function.

  2. Create the function, not the physical shape. Example: Create the function of a ball, do not become a ball.

  3. We need something to power the Dantian. That something is nothing.

  4. Whenever your body is soft – Lock two ends, move the middle. Whenever your body is hard – Lock the middle, move the two ends.
  5. Taiji is not normal behaviour.

  6. Taiji actions are created with a time differential.


  1. Fire Schedule 火候

  2. Setting up the Furnace.

  3. The ability to An is called dusting. One move, it separates.

  4. Everything is about coordination.

  5. Buddha’s finger.

  6. Da li gong (大力功) Master demonstrated the grip on my left arm.

  7. You have to be able to tear it off.

  8. 18 coils from the rear foot out to the hand.

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vincent den hengst December 23, 2018 at 3:59 am

Wonderful knowledge about taiji and the Practical Method noted down very well, clean and powerful. Thanks Brian!


Brian Chung December 26, 2018 at 11:25 pm

You are welcome, Vincent.


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