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Master Chen Zhonghua is a 19th generation master of Chen Style Taijiquan under Grandmaster Hong Junsheng
He is a second generation master of Hunyuan Taiji under Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang.

Chen Zhonghua Short Yilu Photos at Sinto’s Garden 20231128.

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Glenn Hall Discipleship Application 20221020.

Glenn Hall discipleship application photo

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Chandramohan and Martini became Chen Zhonghua’s new disciples 20221015.

In a brief ceremony MCed by Michael Calandra, during the 2022 New York Practical Method Seminar, Chabar Chandramohan and Ed Martini became master Chen Zhonghua’s disciples in the Practical Method lineage of GM Hong Junsheng. They are disciples number 380 and 381, respectively.

Chabar Chandramohan

Ed Martini

Disciples Groups Photo 20221015

Chandramohan and Martini discipleship ceremony 20221015

New York Practical Method workshop group photo 20221015

Chen Zhonghua’s Disciples

Barb Stegger Discipleship Application 20221016.

Ben Phillips of Toronto became Chen Zhonghua’s 379th disciple in a brief ceremony at the Annual Toronto Practical Method Seminar.

Ben Phillips Discipleship Ceremony 20221010

Group Photo of all disciples at the ceremony!

Ben Phillips of Toronto became Chen Zhonghua’s 379th disciple in a brief ceremony at the Annual Toronto Practical Method Seminar

Momentum Force i

by Yuxin Liu on 2022/03/25

Momentum force: A force with inertia. Momentum force is simply the force generated by movement. It is an active power. Sometimes this force is unstoppable. What we usually hear is “it’s hard to gather overwhelmed water”, and “the arrow sent out” is this kind of force. In the simplest terms, we throw a stone out, and once it’s out, although in the air, we are no longer able to change its direction or force. Synonyms: active force, dynamic force. Read more

Being soft inside and hard outside is a movement principle and concept of Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method. Intuitively, the inside is soft, movable and active. The outside must be harder than the inside so that it can wrap things inside. Thus, the outside is fixed, passive, and a manifestation of the inside.
This feature is the opposite of the common sense of softness with rigidity, and needles hidden in cotton. The normal understanding of Taijiquan is that it looks soft like cotton, but there is hard steel hidden inside.
The “softness” of Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method is hardness to the extreme is softness, not softness in the ordinary sense. At this point, it is likely to be different from other Taijiquan cognition. This is also a major feature of Practical Method. Read more

Hardness to the extreme is softness. Once it reaches the end, cannot be any harder, but soft.

This softness is actually very hard, fine and smooth, such as polished jade, polished stone, stainless steel surface, glass screen of mobile phone, etc.

From these examples, it can be seen that the softness of Taiji is not true softness, but an appearance of softness on the outside, it is actually hard and rigid. Read more

Chen Zhonghua Zhuanyong-Chen Zhonghua Block Touching Coat

Taijiquan has the saying that “yin and yang are mutually rooted”.
Wang Zongyue said, “Yin does not depart from yang, yang does not depart from yin. Yin and yang benefit mutually and this is the comprehension of energy”.
Zhou Dunyi of the Song Dynasty said in Taiji Illustration, “Wuji then taiji. Taiji moves and produces yang. Move to the extreme generates stillness, stillness produces yin, and stillness to the extreme generates moves again. Movement and stillness are the roots of each other. Once yin and yang are split, then there are two elementary parts.” Read more

John Hudson-Silk reeling。

Structural force and indirect power are two different things, and at the same time two things that are not in one [dimension]. Read more

True Knowing i

by Yuxin Liu on 2022/02/12

Chen Zhonghua in Sedona 2012

True knowing
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In push hands, the first thing we need to do is to have peng energy. What does this mean? It requires us to be able to lock the opponent on the touch, confront him, without showing any disadvantages. We mustn’t show any weakness at the first place. Only like this, we will have the confidence to win.
What is confidence? Confidence is real gong fu. Without it, there is no use if you just feel good about yourself. How to gain real gong fu? Of course it is through years of training.

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Jojo Juarsa Taiji Track Records 蔡学超 太极简历 拜师帖:

Name / 姓名: Jojo Johari Juarsa (蔡学超)
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Chen Zhonghua Zhuanyong-Punch Cover Hand

Master Chen Zhonghua demonstrates Punch Covering Hand in front of Yulan Pavilion. Observe again and again the relationship between the fist, kua, knees, head, shoulders etc. and dantian shown in the picture. Read more

Dear Master Chen Zhonghua,
I started following you and Taiji practical method in the middle of 2016, after my friend and teacher Ong Wenming, who we practiced together deferent styles of  kongfu, introduced me to your school. Read more

…one of the messages I hear, daily, from GM Zhonghua Chen is that he wants us to use our head as much as we use our body…

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25.4x60cm 200张-出照片文件

…in my experience, great teachers are the ones that do certain things…

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Sooyeon Zachrias discipleship Group 2020.09.13

Sooyeon Zachrias discipleship Group 2020.09.13

On Sept. 13, 2020, Sooyeon Zacharias became Master Chen Zhonghua’s 372nd disciple in the Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method lineage..

Sooyeon Zachrias discipleship Sitting 2020.09.13

Sooyeon Zachrias discipleship Sitting 2020.09.13

Because of various reason including Covid-19, her discipleship ceremony was postponed several times. Finally on Sept. 12, she drove 14 hours from Litton, BC. to Edmonton, Alberta. The next day, she was inducted as Master Chen Zhonghua’s 372nd disciple in a simple ceremony in Master Chen Zhonghua’s Headquater in Edmonton.

Sooyeon Zachrias discipleship Certificate 2020.09.13

Sooyeon Zachrias discipleship Certificate 2020.09.13

Sooyeon started learning the Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method system in 2018, joining the Maple Ridge practice group. She has not missed one single workshop since then. In 2019, she participated at the 7th Annual Daqingshan International Taiji Competition.


Master Chen Zhonghua always amazes me, whether it is at the next workshop (there is always something new and amazing) or looking back — such as in this video captured during a workshop in Ottawa ten years ago… an easy, seemingly simple, and clean bounce:

What do you see in the video?

John Upshaw:  Everything is on a line. He added the right leg to the line…left arm to right leg…

Lou Sacharske: Watch his right shoulder, as he adds the right leg, there is zero deviation to telegraph the execution.

James Tam: I believe the rotation axis is the one joining Shifu’s left shoulder and front foot. And, the stick (effective energy pathway) is from his back foot to Steve’s upper back.

Sun Yang wins Muay Thai Gold Belt 20190222

Top New:News just came from Thailand that Sun Yang has won the 67 kg Golden Belt after many rounds of hard fights at the Golden Belt Finals under the auspice of the Thailand Muay Thai Federation. Sun Yang is a disciple of Master Chen Zhonghua, International Standard Bearer of the Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method system and Dean of the Qingshan Taijiquan and Cultural Research Institute of the Rizhao Politechnic. Read more


My name is Edward Liaw; I currently reside in San Diego, California.  I was accepted as Master Chen’s 283rd disciple during the 2018 North American Practical Method Training Camp in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, alongside Nathan Heintz and Spencer Jones.  Every day, I am grateful for being a part of a passionate and supportive community of practitioners, students, and teachers. Read more

Heintz DiscipleNathan Heintz was accepted as Master Chen Zhonghua’s disciple on July 28, 2018 at the North American Practical Method Training Camp in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

The discipleship ceremony also welcomed Spencer Jones and Edward Liaw as disciples. Read more

  1. Introduction of Emcee
Todd Elihu

Todd Elihu

I am Todd Elihu, 20th generation disciple of Chen Style Taijiquan under Master Chen Zhonghua. I am very happy to be here at the 2018 North American Practical Method Training Camp and to have the opportunity to learn from Master Chen, as well as practice and exchange with my disciple-brothers who are present and the other participants of the camp this year. I am very grateful to my brothers Levi Sowers and John Upshaw for organizing these camps and all the hard work that they have put into making such a special event. Read more

I started taijiquan practical method in 2011. In 2016 I became disciple of Master Chen. Taiji – the separation of ying and yang and having both at the same time – is a part of my daily life and I am very happy about it.

1. Practical method
This style in the lineage of Chen Fake, Hong Junshen, Chen Zhonghua follows very clear instructions to establish the taiji movements. In the end there should be no fight anymore, one is just walking through the opponent without knowing.
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Master Chen Zhonghua accepted Charlie Wishon as a disciple on July 17, 2016.

Master Chen Zhonghua accepted Charlie Wishon as a disciple on July 17, 2016.

On July 17, 2016, Master Chen Zhonghua accepted Charlie Wishon as his 201st disciple at the workshop held in Iowa City. Todd Elihu emceed the ceremony and many other disciples were present including Levi Sowers, John Upshaw, John Dahms, Brennan Toh, Kelvin Ho, Hugo Ramiro, Xavier Santiago, Jeff Clevenger, Bruce Schaub, Erwin Ramthun, and Chris Dusek. At the conclusion of the ceremony, Master Chen briefly spoke about the privileges, responsibilities, and ethics of being one of his disciples.

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John Intervalo <>
Sep 20 (2 days ago)
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深山里的国际范The video is in Chinese. Qilu network video reports on Chen Zhonghua’s taijiquan on Daqingshan, China.


邯郸学院 - 33On the 10th of June, 2014, Master Chen Zhonghua became visiting professor of Taiji at the Handan Colledge in Handan, Hebei Province in China at a simple ceremony held by Prof. Ma Jibin, president of the College. He was also named the official representative of the college for Canada and the United State. Read more

  • A personalised application letter (paper form or electronic) must be submitted. 
  • A letter of reference from one of the disciples must be submitted.
    A letter of reference from someone of repute who has known the applicant for more than five year is required from those who do not know anyone in Master Chen Zhonghua’s Practical Method system.  Read more

IMG_8777 DSC04211 DSC04213 IMG_8757 IMG_8766 IMG_8769

Ceremony conducted at Perth Workshop.

Paul Janssens James Strider

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Gerry Gebhart, Matt Landau, Dean Mayo, Laura Samuels, Michael Winkler are among the new disciples

Full Disciple List

The big gathering of disciples currently at Daqingshan

Suspended Head 6

by Todd Elihu on 2013/05/17

In 2009 on Daqingshan, Master Chen Zhonghua instructed me to keep one point on my body stable and fixed during push hands practice. The location of the point was up to me; I could make it be the lower back, rear foot, etc. However, the most important thing was to maintain the integrity and stability of the chosen point. Read more

Master Chen Zhonghua accepted three more new disciples today in Toronto, Canada!









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Michael Koh was accepted as Master Chen Zhonghua’s disciple in the Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method system. The ceremony was attended by Master Hong Sen and Master Xu Jinge. Other disciples present at the event: Tim Duehring and Nicholas Fung.

Wang Long, Su Lei of Rizhao, Shandong Province, and Chen Xu of Yiyuan, Shandong Province, became master Chen Zhonghua’s disciples at a simple ceremony on Daqingshan on Oct. 4, 2012. The ceremony was chaired by master Hong Sen and attended by all participants of the 7th Daqingshan International Taijiquan Seminar. Read more