Ami Ganiel discipleship application 20201024

by Ami Ganiel on 2020/10/25

Dear Master Chen Zhonghua,
I started following you and Taiji practical method in the middle of 2016, after my friend and teacher Ong Wenming, who we practiced together deferent styles of  kongfu, introduced me to your school.
The practicality and complexity in it, immediately grabbed me and pretty soon it became my main practice and interest.
Today 4 years later, my dedication and interest to learn taiji, to understand deeper what its all about and how to use this ‘engine’, grew even stronger.
What started as a side practice 2-3 times a week, became my life style, an everyday practice, mainly the yllu, but also foundations, Erlu, Broad sword, Taiji sword, Silk reeling and Hunyuan qigong.
Each one of this practices is contributing to my understanding of the whole picture and train my body accordingly (& I really enjoying and never getting bored of it).
My respect to your accomplishment as a human and as a teacher grew with the time and you gained my admiration and trust.
I am sharing with you shortly my experience and hope you are not getting bored (thank you for reading me).
With this mail I would like to ask to become your formal disciple. I hope you find me worthy. I am committed to the school teaching and doing my best to evolve in the taiji realm and as a human.
Warm regards from Bali

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