The “Relationship” in Taiji

by Yuxin Liu on 2021/09/09

Chen Zhonghua Zhuanyong-Punch Cover Hand

Master Chen Zhonghua demonstrates Punch Covering Hand in front of Yulan Pavilion. Observe again and again the relationship between the fist, kua, knees, head, shoulders etc. and dantian shown in the picture.

Only when one dot is fixed, used as a pivot, the two ends can do lever action. Therefore there is yin yang separation. Fix the middle and move the two ends is lever, is yin yang separation, is one rooted in the other, is indirect power.
It is all because of that fixed dot, the two ends have a “relationship”.
Fixing that one dot is the key action to implement “yin yang separation” principle. Once there is yin yang separation, it becomes two, and there is a special relationship between these two, this kind of relationship is what we are training for, is the thing we pursuit.
In training Taiji, we practice a set of routine(Yilu etc.) to build this relationship in our body, to look for this relationship, to solidify this relationship.

So, what kind of relationship do we have in Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method?

  • Hand and elbow: in with elbow, no hand;out with hand, no elbow (ten-word adage by Grandmaster Hong Junsheng). This is the principled relationship.
  • Hand and foot: follow each other like shadow. This is the mutual relationship between two body parts. Hand is lacking, foot compensates.
  • Elbow, shoulder and kua. Sink the shoulder, withdraw the elbow, fill the kua. This is the coordinational relationship among the key body parts.
  • Stay centered and upright, without going out of the box: this is the restrictive relationship for body parts.

    In Taiji training, we coordinate and varify this kind of relationship in the body (among body parts), and use this relationship to achieve wellness and the purpose of fight.

Originally posted in Chinese by Master Chen Zhonghua on Translation:Yuxin Liu

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