The following are the official teaching staff levels recognized by Master Chen Zhonghua.

Level 1 Instructor

  • Associate – An individual whos helps Master Chen Zhonghua or an instructor to organize and teach the classes.
  • Practice Lead – A senior student who leads other students in practice under the supervision of an instructor.
  • Disciple – All Chen Zhonghua disciples can conduct basic teaching.

Level 2 Instructor

  • Assistant Instructor – An individual who assists an instructor, and is in training to becoming an instructor.
  • Instructor – An individual who can teach independently, and is a technical adviser.

Level 3 Instructor

  • Branch Main Instructor – The main instructor of a branch.
  • Branch Instructor – An individual who is appointed to teach independently under the supervision of the branch main instructor.

Level 4 Instructor

  • An instructor above a branch main instructor

Level 5 Instructor

  • Core instructor – An individual who represents Practical Method.
  • An instructor who has comprehensive abilities and can be an assistant to Master Chen Zhonghua.
  • An instructor who can have time to assist Master Chen Zhonghua.
  • An instructor who has significant organizational skills
  • An instructor who has exceptional push hand abilities.
  • An instructor who participates in headquarter organization, planning and teaching.

Qingshan Instructor

  • The highest instructor honorary title appointed by Master Chen Zhonghua. Not part of the organizational structure.

Head Instructor

  • The highest level in the teaching staff who provides technical guidance.
  • Only one individual will be appointed to this position
  • Chen Xu: 2020

Chief Technical Advisor

  • Sun Zhonghua: 2020

Technical Supervisor

  • Lin Ketong: 2020

Chen Zhonghua Taiji Academy Headquarter Instructor Evaluation Committee


2021 Qingshan Instructors

  • Chen Xu
  • Han Rui
  • Pang Chaoli
  • Ling Ziming
  • Kelvin Ho
  • Wei Ping

2020 Qingshan Instructors

  • Chen Xu
  • Han Rui
  • Pang Chaoli
  • Ling Ziming
  • Kelvin Ho

2019 Qingshan Instructors

  • Chen Xu
  • Han Rui
  • Pang Chaoli
  • Ling Ziming
  • Kelvin Ho

2018 Qingshan Instructors

  • Chen Xu
  • Han Rui
  • Pang Chaoli
  • Ling Ziming

2017 Qingshan Instructors

  • Chen Xu
  • Han Rui
  • Ling Zili
  • Pang Chaoli

2016 Qingshan Instructors

  • Chen Xu
  • Han Rui

We hereby solemnly declare, our school is in no way or shape related to the Ma Baoguo who was KOed in 40 seconds today (May 17, 2020).

Chen Style Xinyi Hunyuan Taijiquan (Abbreviated as Hunyuan Taiji 陈式心意混元太极拳,简称混元太极拳) was founded by the late Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang, with its aim as a health exercise for human health. It is an excellent cultural heritage. To date, it has a history of close to one hundred years.

Ma Baoguo has violated our trademark ™ name to call his style Hunyuan Xingyi Taiji Gate (浑元形意太极门) and has repeatedly tarnished our reputation. My grandfather’s disciples have on many occasions launched lawsuit against him. Further, the Hunyuan Taiji Wushu Development Center and the Hunyuan Taiji Professional Committee under the Beijing Martial Arts Association reserve the right to take legal actions against those social media which continue to associate us with such frauds.

Gao Yuan



List view on Chinese site:
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Brennan Toh, disciple of Chen Zhonghua, recently visited the Ottawa Branch of the Chen Zhonghua Taiji Academy. Brennan is currently living in Regina, Saskatchewan.

As we know Master Chen Zhonghua does not allow students of Practical Method to socialize. This event became a practical and teaching session!

BrennanTohVisitsOttawa201911 - 5 Read more

Master Chen Zhonghua’s 28th Daqingshan Seminar on Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method and Hunyuan Taiji was held from August 11th to 17th, 2018.

Over two hundred students participated at this event. They came from Indonesia, Portugal, and all over China. The youngest participant was 6 years old and oldest was 80 years of age.

28th Daqingshan Seminar. Master Chen Zhonghua teaches a concept each morning during the early morning session at the Taiji Square on Daqinshan.

28th Daqingshan Seminar. Master Chen Zhonghua teaches a concept each morning during the early morning session at the Taiji Square on Daqinshan.

28th Daqinshan Seminar Group Photo.

28th Daqinshan Seminar Group Photo with Pang Chaoli

28th Daqingshan Seminar Group photo with Ling Ziming

28th Daqingshan Seminar Group photo with Ling Ziming

  1. Introduction of Emcee
Todd Elihu

Todd Elihu

I am Todd Elihu, 20th generation disciple of Chen Style Taijiquan under Master Chen Zhonghua. I am very happy to be here at the 2018 North American Practical Method Training Camp and to have the opportunity to learn from Master Chen, as well as practice and exchange with my disciple-brothers who are present and the other participants of the camp this year. I am very grateful to my brothers Levi Sowers and John Upshaw for organizing these camps and all the hard work that they have put into making such a special event. Read more

Master Chen Zhonghua gave a two-day workshop in Beijing at the Zizhen Taiji Academy from June 17-18 immediately after his European tour. He arrived at 6 am at the Beijing International Airport from Brussels and directly went to the workshop that started at 9 am. Read more



120 Overseas Chinese teenagers with 20 parents are on Daqingshan to learn Taiji. The course is taught by Han Rui, one of the instructors on Daqingshan. The content is Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method. This is part of their Chinese culture experience in during their visit to China.

These youngsters come from Mauritius, Indonesia, New Zealand and Australia. This is part of a program through the Shandong Provincial Overseas Chinese Office. Daqingshan is one of their training sites. Read more

Questions students prepared for the June 2016 Chen Zhonghua Berlin Workshop.

Athanasios Alexatos

Master Chen can you show us and tell us a few things about the 8 energys in practical method ?

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You have heard about the positive and negative circles. You have gone through in-with-elbow and out-with-hand thousands of times. You have even advanced and co-ordinated your feet with your hands — hands-in with front foot and hands-out with back foot. Now are you ready for the next step? Co-ordinated rhythmic changes using the basic building blocks of the positive and negative circles… Here is Master Chen Zhonghua in person to demonstrate…


Fantastic first day with applications, foundations and basic “don’t move” information. Great progress was demonstrated by all attendees showing how an extended concentrated learning situation can boost the body and understanding to grow. Grandmaster Chen’s instructions and guidance was as usual extraordinary. More Foundations and Yilu for the second day as well as a disciple ceremony. We are so looking forward to our last day of training and fellowship.

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深山里的国际范The video is in Chinese. Qilu network video reports on Chen Zhonghua’s taijiquan on Daqingshan, China.


Disciple - 24Josh Landau, Liu Qiang, Zhao Xiaoning, Wei Xiaoqiu, Ni Jian and Huang Guanghui became master Chen Zhonghua’s newest disciples on July 25, 2014. The ceremony was held at the Changxing Conference center on Daqingshan. It was presided over by Master Chen’s Hong Kong disciple Lin Ketong.  Read more

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Video by Michael Winkler. New stabilized re render from Youtube

Push Hands Rules i

by admin on 2014/03/06

  1. Rules.

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  1. Privileges
    • Disciples are automatically authorized to teach.
    • Disciples in good standing can represent the Master and the school.
    • Disciples have the right to establish their own schools under the Master’s lineage.
  2. Responsibilities
    • All disciples are obligated to promote the system of the Master.
    • A disciple must try to visit the Master annually to upgrade his/her learning.

It looks like wrestling. It looks like wrestling. It looks like wrestling. Read more

In recent years, taiji has been (in China because of the demonstration at the 2008 Olympic Games Opening ceremony) described as moving clouds and running water. 行云流水。 Read more

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chenxu MengFong yanSuJie 尚穆根部长 申思 王西安 陈娟default

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In order to reach the level of taiji practice that integrates body and mind connection, you need to declare war against your own body. A dialogue between the mind and your own body must be initiated. After that, most of the work must be done by the body, not the mind.

—Master Chen Zhonghua at the New Hampshire workshop in Sept. 2013.

Do not believe your body does what you think it is doing! Your body has a mind of its own and is quite independent of you. It does what it wants and what it is used to.

Photos by Jay Smith. Read more

This is a simply application of “Front Trick”.

Chen Zhonghua: checkered shirt.
Daniel Mroz: black pants.

Photography: Allan Belsheim.
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Master Chen Zhonghua accepted three more new disciples today in Toronto, Canada!









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During Master Chen Zhonghua’s Nov. 2012 Phoenix workshop, local students and the organizer Master Ping Wei accompanied everybody on a tour of the Grand Canyon and Sedona. Here are some photos of their Grand Canyon visit.
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In preparation for the May 2013 Daqingshan Premier International Taiji Festival, the Daqingshan staff have been learning taiji since the summer of 2013. Here is a photo slide of their evening training in November 2013.

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Daqingshan 2012 summer push hands training evening session trailer.