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Beauty of Taijiquan i

by Kelvin Ho on 2018/04/22


More and more I find that the beauty of the Taijiquan lies in its simplicity. Read more

KelvinHo_PiShenChui_20180112cIn the Ottawa Mar 24-25, 2018 workshop, Master Chen Zhonghua re-emphasized the importance of creating a differential. He mentioned that steam would always rise up through an opening in a pot, and water would always run down a fall. These are examples of having a differential. We don’t force the steam up or push the water down. It is the property of steam or water given the situation. As long as the particular situation happens, the steam or water will simply behave that way. Steam and water are examples of a differential in position. There are also timing differential, power differential, length differential, movement differential, etc.

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Taizhou Workshop on April 6, 2018

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Master Chen at Ottawa ChinatownIMG_20180324_171734__02Toronto group attending Ottawa Workshop Mar. 24-25, 2018

Thank you very much for Rachelle and Emile’s hospitality for hosting the Toronto group attending the Ottawa workshop. It was such a pleasure meeting both the old and new faces. The following are my notes.

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