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Italy Practical Method Seminar on March 29, 2019. Chen Xu and Sun Yang arrived on March 28, 2019. There was a brief tour of Venice and then training. Read more

It is with great pleasure that we announce two new disciples of Master Chen Zhonghua in Sydney, Australia!

Sifu’s Rory Trend (No.334) and Paul Pryce (No.333) were both welcomed to the family on December 16th, 2018.

The ceremony was held at Rory’s “Trend Training Centre” where you can find Practical Method classes every week.

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Master Chen (centre) with Paul Pryce (L) and Rory Trend (R)
Discipleship181216 - 41

Master Chen with Paul Pryce
Discipleship181216 - 22

Paul Pryce offers tea to Master Chen under the watchful eye of Grandmaster Hong Jungshen
Discipleship181216 - 06

Master Chen with Rory TrendDiscipleship181216 - 24

Group photo of the Sydney workshop group, along with visiting National Instructors Ling Zili and Chen XuSydney18-3 - 251

Master Chen instructing Paul Pryce and Rory Trend to pay respect to Grandmaster Hong Junsheng’s image during the Discipleship ceremony
Discipleship181216 - 04

Rory Trend and his Sponsor, Sifu Rick PietilaDiscipleship181216 - 48

Rory Trend and Paul Pryce
Discipleship181216 - 17

Disciples Paul Janssens,Rick Pietila, John Saw,Brian Chung,Rory Trend and Paul Pryce

Discipleship181216 - 18


Dear Tai Chi – enthusiasts and those interested!

Master Chen Zhonghua is coming for the third time to Vienna to show and share his skill in Tai Chi. The workshop is made for those without any knowledge about the art as well as advanced students of Tai Chi and will grant deep insights in the art. Also practitioners of other martial arts are welcome to participate at this workshop.
The workshop will be held in english, translation into german will be provided when needed.
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As part of my new role as the International Liaison Officer for Master Chen here in China, I’ve already had the pleasure of meeting and greeting Massimo Giorgianni from Toulouse as he arrived in Beijing for an 8 day stay in Rizhao, Read more

James Strider – Fulltime Training Blog Wk3 2019


 “You are all so clever, you’re stupid!”

These words, uttered by Master Chen (with his usual impish grin and mischievous glint in his eyes!) at his premier European workshop way back in 2006 when he came to Holland, have since been heard by many others around the globe. As the room was full of grown Dutch men in this instance, a nation that prides itself on being pragmatic, logical and individualistic, they did not go down well! Read more

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Over the past 12 years of training under Master Chen, I can safely say that his emphasis on how to train correctly to obtain true “ability” (ie. being able to demonstrate effective martial/physical  application of the movement(s) in question) through the Practical Method are a combination of Consistency, strict Adherence to the Rules of “Not Moving” (or Rotation) and, last but not least, getting used to “Eating Bitter” (or as Master Chen would say “You must become comfortable in your uncomfortableness!”) every day.
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  • Reference points: counting is to establish a standard for us to be able to teach and communicate
  • Direction: must not lose the aim.  Don’t lose the 45 degree facing when practicing the foundational exercises
  • Positive circle 3 count:  1. in elbow; back shoulder to forward foot is the axis.  2. rotate waist don’t involve spine and don’t lose previous axis.  3. push foot, aim at hand. There is a split in the middle.  Again don’t lose previous two axes

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Having been living in Rizhao for the past 7 of the 9 months since leaving Perth, it’s high time I started my blog again!
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ChenZhonghuaAndKelvinHo2013Back in 2011, I wrote about how my taiji journey got started: 7 more years passed by quickly on this journey, and it is now 2018. Much of the time was spent learning how to learn. In this article, rather than talking about taiji principles or concepts, let me share Master Chen Zhonghua’s teachings on learning.
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From the 9th to 11th of September 2018, Master Chen and Mister Wang Xin, a big regional liqour manufacturer, took us to Chenjiagou (Chen village), the birthplace if Chen Style Taijiquan!
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Instructors: Master Chen Zhonghua, Instructor Chen Xu, Instructor Ling Zili
Date: Dec 15-16, 2018
Time: 9:00am to 5:30pm
Location: DJKJ Kung Fu Academy
34 Rosebery Avenue, Rosebery NSW 2018
Topics: Theory, Foundations, form (yilu), applications and push hands
Fee: $380 for 2 days, $220 for 1 day.
Suggested preparation for first-timers, get yourself familiar with the following:
  1. Positive and Negative Circles: Two Circles of Taiji
  2. Yilu First 13 Moves: Chen Style Yilu 13 Moves
For more information and registration, please contact:
Brian Chung
+61 423 035 857

Master Zhonghua Chen and the Rizhao Chen Zhonghua Taiji Academy team are participating in the Chen Village Push Hands Competition. Master Chen was invited as a guest.

Master Chen Zhonghua and students at Chen Village Competition 2018

Master Chen Zhonghua and students at Chen Village Competition 2018

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In the night from 19th to 20th of August, I arrived on Daqingshan. After I slept of my jetlag, there’s been an early morning gathering for some radio station interview on the 21st. Read more


In 2001, I started studying Kung Fu. My teacher also taught Chen Style Taijiquan from Chen Quanzhong. Watching my teacher perform Taiji at one of our demonstrations, I thought it was fantastic. I read “Chen Style: The Source of Taijiquan” by Davidine Sim and David Gaffney and thought I should really switch to Taiji, but I chose to continue down the path of Kung Fu since I had already started it. Read more


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2017.12.16 Sydney Workshop Day One Notes by Brian Chung

  1. The two buttocks and tailbone splits into a tripod. It will take sixty years to train. Do not believe you can do it.
  2. Alignment is everything goes through a bottleneck.
  3. When the Horizontal and Vertical dot meets, it becomes a three dimensional force field.
  4. Peng Energy.
  5. From nothing, to form. Once the energy is there, we do not need the form.
  6. Gong Fa. Quan Fa. Tui Shou (push hand). San Shou (free, loose). Duan Shou (broken).
  7. Foundations. Twisting the Towel. Fetch Water. Six Sealing Four Closing. Positive Circle. Negative Circle.
  8. Seven Inch Knife.
  9. Master corrected my Six Sealing Four Closing. He adjusted the orientation of my front kua and the direction of the front hand. He then emphasised the front kua / front shoulder rod.
  10. Master corrected my large Six Sealing Four Closing. The rear hand must be bigger.
  11. Your door can never be open.
  12. Master Chen demonstrated using a spear. The front hand is always pointing at your opponent.
  13. Double Positive Circle.
  14. Double Negative Circle.
  15. Movement must come from the line. The line cannot be part of the move.
  16. Twilight is at 12:00 and 6:00. Find these two dots and amplify them.
  17. Full. Cannot add, cannot take away.
  18. Essence, Qi, Spirit.
  19. We are doing a series of mechanical movements.
  20. Perceived power. It does not exist. But it does.
Exercises: Moving Step
  1. Stepping side to side. The left foot, dantian, and right foot are three dots. Lock two dots, and move one.
    1. Horse stance.
    2. Lock dantian and R foot. Suck L foot in.
    3. Shovel out.
  2. Double Negative stepping out on a straight line.
    1. Double push down.
    2. Adjust front foot.
    3. Elbow in while turning 180 degrees.
  3. Shovel Out with hands on knees.
    1. Press on your rear knee, shovel out at 45 degrees.
    2. Shift to the middle.
    3. Press on your front knee, suck the rear leg in.
  1. So small there is nothing inside of it. So large there is nothing outside of it.
  2. Upper Dantian is also called the Ancestry Cavity. Zu Qiao. Middle Dantian is at the solar plexus. Lower Dantian is three fingers below the navel, three inches in.
  3. What is real cannot be named.
  4. Behind is ability, in front is function.
  5. If we have a question, write it down, then ask it after we are training. While we are training we must focus.
  6. Push hands about (1) how quickly you adapt to your opponent (2) how fast you make a decision.
  7. Experience cannot be replaced by theory.
  8. Entice into Emptiness.
  9. Story about Master Watermelon Peel.
  10. Story about Grandmaster Hong and moving the rock.
  11. Energy Training Exercise (Da Li Gong).

2017.02.01-07 Daqingshan 21th Practical Method Seminar

February 6, 2017

At the moment Master Chen is giving the 21th Practical Method Seminar on Daqinshan. More then 80 peoples are participating and there are both advanced (beneath them many disciples) and beginners. I want to give you a brief insight of this event.

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Chinese New Year on DQS

January 28, 2017

Daqinghan on 2017-01-27 / 28 We had the honor to spend the last days together with Master Chen Zhonghua and a small group of other dedicated students. Chinese New Year, people also call it “The Spring Festival”,  is the most important Chinese festival. Usually people spend it with the closest members of their families. But [...]

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Daqingshan in January – pictures

January 18, 2017

Hello everybody, It’s the first time now that I am on Daqingshan in January, and I have to say that it is really enjoyable.

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Is Taiji logical?

January 12, 2017

Today I realised, why I like (our) Taiji that much. We had class (Patrick, John and me), Chén Xù was teaching. He showed us twisting the towel. Push the left foot and then don`t move (one point on the right side of the body), push the right foot, don`t move (one point on the left [...]

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Berlin 2016 Review – Winklers go DQS

January 5, 2017
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Sydney Workshop 2016 Notes

December 17, 2016

Notes by Brian Chung on day 1 of the workshop with Master Chen Zhonghua and Chen Xu. Notes 2016-12-10 Sydney Workshop Day 1 1. Practical Method consists of Gongfa (jibengong), Quanfa (yilu, erlu, jian, dao, waxwood pole), Yongfa (tui shou, san shou). 2. We start with only the physical. In the end, there is nothing [...]

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Harshil Daqingshan Experience August 2016

September 25, 2016

Background: I’m Harshil Meraiya, age 32, from Pune, India. I learnt Yang style Taichi from August 2011 to Jan 2014. I had no other Martial Art background. I was introduced to Practical Method by Sandeep Desai in Jan 2014. During next 6 months I learned choreography and basic foundations from Videos and Skype sessions with [...]

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Berlin Workshop 2016 – first notes

June 16, 2016

Most Important: Nobody can see, what Chen Laoshi is doing (except Chen Xu), when he is throwing a stone in the water and waves are appearing, everyone is asking, how to make such waves (form of the waves, etc.), but he just throws the stone first 13 moves: shovel out, waist cannot go forward, has [...]

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Perth Push Hand Workshop March 2016 (Chen Xu)

March 18, 2016

Chen Xu is on a 3 weeks teaching trip in Australia. Below are photos from Perth courtesy of Gawain Siu

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“Tim Private (Perth 2015)” Online Video Trailer

January 19, 2016

Private lesson focusing on Push Hand application. With Chen Xu helping as a sparring partner Presenter: Chen Zhonghua   Length: 39 min.   In: English   Year: 2015  Difficulty:1/5  At:Perth

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Daqingshan Off-Season (2015 Aug-Nov)

December 20, 2015

A summary of our extended stay 2015 After beeing in Daqingshan, Shandong Province in China for 4 month we are on our way back to Berlin now. We, that is me, my wife Sarah and little son Lukas, 2 1/2 years old. The first time I have been on the mountain in 2010, in 2012 [...]

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Return of Condor Heroes – DaQingShan version

May 31, 2015

Our first DaQingShan micro-movie production. Director : Michael Koh Action Director : Ray Guan Photography : David Koh Costume Sponsor : 苏州舞桐树艺术培训有限公司, 曹爱英 : 13771868866 Cast : Chen Xu, Janet Ho, Ling ZiLi, Cao Ai Ying Video clips below

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Daqingshan Competition 2015 Push Hand Video

May 10, 2015

Chen Xu in blue, 2nd round, video by Gawain Siu

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Perth Workshop with Chen Xu

March 17, 2015
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About Challenges

February 3, 2015

What they are is simple: challenges!  This information is for the few who don’t know. The case of study used is the challenges that happened in Yishui, Shandong, China on Feb. 1, 2015. The two videos are included below for references. There are lots of comments at the youtube site where the videos are.

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First Practical Method workshop in Yishui, China

January 31, 2015

On the invitation of Mr. Lai Qingwen, two instructors from Daqingshan, Chen Xu and Li Xiaohui, went to Yishui, Shandong province to teach Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method as taught by Master Chen Zhonghua. They will be in Yishui from January 30, to February 3, 2015.

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Chen Xu’s Practical Method Yilu at Singapore Seminar 31st Oct 2014.

November 10, 2014

  Hosted by Chen Style Taijiquan Association Singapore.

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Chen Xu teaching in Feicheng, Shandong

October 19, 2014

Chen Xu is teaching a one week course on Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method in a junior high school in Feicheng, Shandong Province. He will go to Shanghai and then Jakarta to meet up with Master Chen Zhonghua after this teaching assignment.

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Weifang Martial Arts Festival 2014

August 19, 2014

Chen Xu won gold on Adult 65 kg push hands Ling Zili won gold on Adult 60 kg push hands Han Rui won gold on Adult 80 kg push hands Hugo Ramiro won silver on Adult 65 kg push hands Michael Winkler won gold on traditional taiji form (8.46) Tim Duehring won gold on taiji [...]

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The Yilu Challenge

July 1, 2014

Serious students of the Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method are asked to do as many Yilus as possible for a single day. This practice started in 2001 by Master Chen Zhonghua and is known today as the Yilu Challenge.  The 100 Yilu Challenge tests the students courage, endurance and power level.

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My visit to Daqingshan

June 17, 2014

By Marjorie C It was cold, wet and grey when I arrived on Daqingshan in May. Under my cold, cold breath I cussed Singapore friends who told me to pack short-sleeve tees. And oh, the stairs! Stairs to Wangting hotel, stairs to Changxing training hall, and more stairs to the condo. Surely the three weeks [...]

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Push Hand Tournament Training

June 4, 2014

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