Practical Method

Increase speed in the same direction.

Six Sealing Four Closing – First break the elbow, if that fails, yank the whole arm off the shoulder.

Machine gun exercise – Twisting the towel

Do first 13 with speed, one move at a time.

When you practice intensively, don’t go overboard. Take a break before continuing.

As this year comes to a close, we are organizing an online zoom event to gather the PM students together around the globe to celebrate our achievements in 2021. In this event, we will include:

  1. A review on our global activities
  2. Special performances on forms and push hands
  3. Recognitions of individuals who have made great breakthroughs in their taiji
  4. A resolution speech from Master Chen Zhonghua for the new year

Mark your date and time.

Date: Dec. 18, 2021
Time: 8 pm China Time/7 am Eastern Time/5 am Edmonton Time

See everyone at the event!


Meeting ID:85415740768

Date: Dec. 5, 2021
Time: 4 pm WIB or 4 am EST

URL: Read more

There will be an interview with Master Chen Zhonghua on Nov. 21, 2021 at 5 am Edmonton Time.

The interview will be conducted in English. The content will mainly be Master Chen’s stories of learning from Masters Hong Junsheng and Feng Zhiqiang. Everybody is encouraged to attend. Tell a friend! Thanks.

Meeting ID: 82543303297
Password: 510320

Other scheduled Practical Method interviews:
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First step in the first move:
After the right turn, my left hand is on the opponent’s elbow not moving, while my right hand holds the opponent’s wrist. Lock my outside, shrink the distance between my right elbow and right kua. This is to fali 发力.

3-count positive circle:

  1. Imagine a fixed point beyond the right hand on the straight line between the right hand and right elbow. Pull in the elbow along this line.
  2. Imagine a fixed point behind the right kua on the straight line between the right kua and right elbow. Open the kua to stretch and extend the distance along this line.
  3. Imagine a fixed point behind the right elbow on the straight line between the right elbow and the right hand. Stretch the right hand out along this line.

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Going down – It needs to be led by the bottom.

Going left – It needs to be led by the left side

Going right – It needs to be led by the right side.

Going up – It needs to be led by the top.
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Pattern of practice

We focus on training one part (X). When we get that X right, Y may become wrong. We fix Y, X may become wrong again. We go and back forth until both X and Y are correct. Then we add Z on top of them.

3 parts: Fix two parts, move one part.

In the exercise of rotating horizontal, we must fix the middle (dantian). How to fix the dantian?

Use two parts (head and rear foot) to fix the dantian, move the front foot which is free to a new position.
Use head and front foot to fix the dantian, move the rear foot to a new position.
Switch between the two feet repeatedly.
The rotation is made of a series of little increments.

If we make the two side of a chest like two touching gears, we are using the central axis as the gap/space between them. it is the one of the 3 major choices for the gap. The other 2 choices will be the two shoulder-kua axes. The chest/torso can be one piece or two pieces.


  • Line up the dot underneath the front buttock and front heel, and pull them together.
    The dantian needs to adjust to allow the rear foot to be pulled up.
    Lock the head.

New Exercise

  • This is an exercise that Master Chen Zhonghua learned from Grandmaster Hong. They did it at the park on the gravel. After this, they would do foundations every morning.
  • Lie on the stomach, use the hands to pull up.
  • Lie on the stomach, use the elbows to pull up.
  • Lie on the stomach, use the shoulders to pull up.
  • Only use one part to pull up, the rest of the body is just like sandbag being dragged.
  • Need 3 ways to do the same looking move to be versatile, so the opponent can’t figure it out.

Maintain two lines (This exercise came from Twisting the towel.)

  1. Head to foot
  2. Front finger tip to the central vertical line on the back

We want to first stretch things out, and then add something in the middle to further stretch a little bit. We must constantly add that little bit of stretch in our training. This is neigong training.
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Chinese Class

Open the knee

A student asks about how to open the knee.  Master Chen Zhonghua said the idea of opening was very simple. However being to able to do it requires many other simple things to be put together. There are so many that we are unable to do them, and we simply give up. Read more

Correction on my form  Need to have 3 solids There is a line at the shoulder level between the front hand and rear shoulder (first 2 solids) I need to stretch the kua down to create the 3rd solid. Read more


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Taken in June 2019

Taken in June, 2019

Taken in June 2019

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Master Zhonghua Chen and the Rizhao Chen Zhonghua Taiji Academy team are participating in the Chen Village Push Hands Competition. Master Chen was invited as a guest.

Master Chen Zhonghua and students at Chen Village Competition 2018

Master Chen Zhonghua and students at Chen Village Competition 2018

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Feb. 22, 2015 Practical Method students practising yilu in front to the Oldest Gingko Tree in the world. According to the stone tablet at the tree erected in 1654, in 715 B.C. the Lu and Luu states held a peace treaty conference under this tree. It is considered a living fossil of Chinese history. Read more

“Having been a guest at the Daqingshan Mountain Resort, I can say that Master Chen Zhonghua is a very generous, charismatic and extremely intelligent man. He has a passion for Taijiquan and I am grateful he shares it with the world. Read more

‘For several years I participated training and workshops with Master Chen Zhonqhua and experienced the high Technical and Teaching level of master Chen’s Hunyuan Chen Style and Practical Method.

Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method Basic Foundations 2009 Victoria Version!  In this video Master Chen Zhonghua gave a basic introduction to the foundations of Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method. He also gave a brief history of Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method. Made in the fall colors in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, this 32 minutes video covers both stationery and moving step exercises in: Positive circle; negative circle, twisting the towel, six sealing and four closing, fetch water, shaking the pole.

Basic Foundations 2009 Version Online Video
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At the evening class tonight, I taught the use of a white waxwood staff exercise for shoulder and elbow rotational control. Please see the video here.

There couldn’t be better occasion than the one organized by Master Giuseppe Bon’s Kung Fu and Taijiquan School to make us moving to the best of our ability along the path that we began to follow last March. Read more

Chen Practical Method – No Weight Shifting, Only Turning « wujimon taiji blog.

3-week package:
August 6, 2010: arrival in Beijing. Read more