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Practical Method in Poland

See also Positive Circle – correction by Master Chen Zhonghua.

Short lesson by Master Chen Zhonghua:

See also Negative Circle – correction by Master Chen Zhonghua.

“Principles are the overall guidelines” “whenever I ran into difficulties I must rely on the principles” Read more

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This is volume one of the translation of Grandmaster Hong Junsheng’s book “Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method”. It was translated into English by Hong’s disciple Chen Zhonghua. The entire series contains 4 volumes (three more to be published). This volume contains the theory part of Grandmaster Hong Junsheng’s book.

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YouTube – Chen and Calandra Taiji Applications. Master Chen Zhonghua and Michael Calandra explained some of the Cannon Fist techniques in this video clip. The setting was in Master Calandra’s dojo in Queen, NY in 2003 at a workshop on Cannon Fist of Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method.

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Arrived on time in Ottawa. Almost 30 degrees! James Chan and Steve Chan came to the airport in their T-Shirts! It’s nice to be warm!

Stopped by for fast food on the way to Gilles-Vallant Taichi Center.

3:00 pm private with Pierre.

4:00 pm private with Daniel.

Supper with James, Daniel and Steve.

7:00-10:00 pm Qigong and push hands at Gilles-Vallant Taichi Center. Lots of pushhands exercises.

It was after 10:30 when we got home to Jame’s place. A bit snack and push hands explanations.

1:00 am now but it actually is only 11:00 pm for me. Good day today but tomorrow I will probably be tired from lack of sleep.

“Absolute” 1

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Recently, I received a comment on my Chinese language blog that considered one of my posts “too absolute”. Here is the principle in question: Read more

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This interview we conducted with Chen Zhonghua, is the prepublication version of an article which appeared in the Fall of 2005 issue of TaiChi Magazine. It is offered here as a source for future discussion and feedback, for interests of the readers. Read more

Class of 2007 i

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May 1-July 1, 2007. Daqingshan, Shandong, China. Read more

Class of 2006 i

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May – July, 2006. Daqingshan Mountain Resort, China Read more

Class of 2005 i

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Apprenticeship: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Paul O’Rourke (Florida, USA)

Class of 2004 (2) i

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September, 2004-December 2004. Edmonton, Canada Read more

Class of 2004 (1) i

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January 2004-April 2004. Edmonton, Canada Read more

Class of 2003 i

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January 2003-April 2003. Edmonton, Canada Read more

Class of 2002 i

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September 2002-December, 2002. Edmonton, Canada Read more

My name is Jeff Higgins. For those of you thinking about studying with Master Chen Zhonghua I would like to share my background and experience taking a workshop. Read more

Getting to the workshop location and depart for the airport are the responsibility of the participants.

Some organizers arrange airport pick-ups while others do not. Check the workshop detailed information page for further information or you can contact the workshop organizer for details.

Meals at workshop i

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There are no restrictions for meals at workshops. Typically some participants will go for a quick lunch as a group. Whenever Master Chen is present, students are expected to chip in a dollar or two to cover his meal.

There is normally a Saturday evening dinner. This is a more formal dinner. Students also contribute to Master Chen’s dinner expense. It is expected that nothing fancy or costly will be ordered.

  1. No video taping except by permission from the host. Read more

Workshop checklist i

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So you want to attend one of Master Chen Zhonghua’s workshops! Here is a checklist to help you gain maximum bang for your buck! Read more

I will offer a list of things you need to look after before you attend a workshop to learn Taiji. Read more

Most definitely! Daqingshan Mountain Resort can accommodate your friends while you are at your studies. We can also look after them with tours and other activities. They can are able to dine with your Taiji group or have a private dining facility.

Chen Zhonghua i

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President and head instructor of Hunyuantaiji Academy
19th generation master of Chen Style Taijiquan under grandmaster Hong Junsheng.
2nd generation master of Hunyuantaiji under grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang.
Honorary instructor of grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang’s Beijing Zhiqiang Wuguan.
International Standard Bearer of the Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method System. Read more

Charlie Gordon and Alyssa Burrows came to join us today. Now it’s like a mini-Daqingshan reunion. Steve, Charlie and Nick are DQS graduates. Read more

Another excellent workshop! We concentrated on the”Martial” & striking aspects of Chen Taiji. Master Chen worked us very hard on Saturday, a GREAT workout.

Thanks to Master Chen, Brother Gord & Sister Barb and their Victoria school sibblings Laughing had a great time.



Some Yilu moves.

Everyone knows how dedicated master Chen Zhonghua is about his teaching. All his students all have stories to tell about being thrown into the bed in hotel rooms late at night or in his basement. When it comes to Chen Style Taijiquan, master Chen Zhonghua Read more

These are clips of Chen Zhonghua in 2005 and 2006 demonstrating Cannon Fist and Yilu in Victoria, Push Hands and Fajin in Athens, GA, USA Read more

Sorry we have not included any information on this subject. It will be very easy to live as a vegetarian on the mountain. We are growning our own vegetables this year. If you decide to go, let us know as soon as you can, we will start planting things that will suit you. Lots of soya bean products. We make our own tofu on the mountain too!

Yaron Seidman 2000 i

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Yaron Seidman
“My own experiences in my time working with Master Chen include feeling like I’m suddenly standing on ice; The floor bounces me upward like I’m on a trampoline; A two-ton weight is pressing me down; I can’t lift my feet; My knees go weak; I’m shooting through the air as if launched by a cannon. I have also felt a tap of a punch blow right through me and a tap to the belly makes me want to vomit.” Yaron Seidman, martial artist and Chinese medical doctor, New York, 2000.