Spencer Jones

Last week we concluded another great workshop/training camp in Iowa with Master Chen.  There was a good turnout with around 50 attendees. The vibes were good and the lessons were clear and concise.

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I think everyone had a good time the other day.  I wanted to say thank you to all who participated and those who hosted the event.  I met people from Iowa, Wisconsin and Illinois – Some experienced and some newer to Practical Method.  We worked on Yilu, foundations, partner excersises and push hands.  Everyone seemed genuine and receptive.  Read more

For information on classes please visit    taijiquanchicago.com

Thank you to everyone who attended the intro to Practical Method event this past Sunday.  We had a very good turnout.   Taiji classes will continue at Bend Yoga and Movement Studio after Thanksgiving, Read more

This is my first trip to Daqingshan.  In fact, this is my first week studying the practical method outside of videos.  I think the videos were helpful in a sense (mainly in that they brought me here), but were very frustrating for me and ultimately left me with a lot of questions. Read more