Class of 2006

by fulltime on 2010/03/20

May – July, 2006. Daqingshan Mountain Resort, China

  1. Paul O’Rourke, Florida, USA
  2. Bernie Graf, Calgary, Canada
  3. John Dahms, Ottawa, Canada
  4. Dave Dahms, Ottawa, Canada
  5. Steve Cheng, Calgary, Canada
  6. Remco Rog, Amsterdam, Holland
  7. Blake Norman, Edmonton, Canada
  8. Jeffrey Kerensky, New York, USA
  9. Michael Stancato, Wiscosin, USA
  10. Richard Backus, Florida, USA (Three weeks)
  11. Kim Allbritain, Florida, USA (Three weeks)
  12. Jody Hall, Vancouver, Canada (Three weeks)
  13. Denise Cheng, Calgary, Canada (Three weeks)
  14. Ryan Cheng, Calgary, Canada (Three weeks)
  15. Jim MacDonald, Ottawa, Canada (two weeks)

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