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In addition to Gene Hess’s great notes “Lines on the Body”

We can produce 9 lines in different dimensions on the body. We put these lines on our opponents body in different dimensions, you do not have to be touching the opponents body to create a line.

The more lines we can produce on our opponents body the more uncomfortable we make them feel and they eventually  bounce themselves out.

The Maple Ridge workshop had participants from Holland, Tampa, Denver, Portland, Seattle, Victoria and Salt Spring.

We worked extensively on “Six Sealing Four Closing” lots of Yilu and Push hands. We met some new Taiji friends, trained hard and had a good workshop.



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“Don’t Move!” was joined by Carmen Farruggia of Sacramento, CA, USA.

I was in Toronto training with some members of the Toronto Practical Method Group & Practical Tai Chi Group. We performed a few Yilu and lots of push Hands. It’s alway nice getting together to train with Taiji brothers from other groups in Master Chen’s Practical Method Taiji Family.

Lots of Yilu, Cannon Fist repetition. Push Hands drills and free play on Sunday.

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On May 28/2011,  Gene Hess & Jay Smith competed in the 32nd Can-Am International Championships at the Richmond Olympic Oval in Richmond, BC.

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West Coast Can-Am Championships – The International Can-Am …

Maple Ridge Taiji group

Originally written by: Jay Smith

I recently spent a week at Camp Shawnigan and I was pleased with my stay there. The overall Facility was clean and well kept with beautiful scenery surrounding it. At one point I noticed a toilet was out of order and within a few hours it was repaired and back in working order.  

The food was fantastic, great tasting with a good variety daily. One day I  fell asleep and missed lunch by about 1/2 hour and went to the cafeteria to grab a piece of fruit to hold me over till supper time  ( fruit is left out for us to help ourselves)  one of the cafeteria staff asked me I was hungry I told her I missed lunch and she Quickly offered to get me some leftovers, I told her no thanks and she then offered to make me a sandwich, she seemed genuinely concerned that I had missed lunch, I was impressed.  

I found Norm to be very friendly and helpful when we required some supplies for our classes and great to work with.

I hope we are lucky enough to have our annual gathering at Camp Shawnigan next year, looking forward to staying there again.  


Another excellent workshop! We concentrated on the”Martial” & striking aspects of Chen Taiji. Master Chen worked us very hard on Saturday, a GREAT workout.

Thanks to Master Chen, Brother Gord & Sister Barb and their Victoria school sibblings Laughing had a great time.



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