This is volume one of the translation of Grandmaster Hong Junsheng’s book “Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method”. It was translated into English by Hong’s disciple Chen Zhonghua. The entire series contains 4 volumes (three more to be published). This volume contains the theory part of Grandmaster Hong Junsheng’s book.

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Montreal Workshop Nov. 2009 by Chen Zhonghua on Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method.  There are 4 DVDs in this set. The following youtube video clips are from the four DVDs.

Montreal Workshop 2009 4 DVD Online Video
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Way of Hunyuan Book 14

by fulltime on 2010/03/24

WayOfHunyuanCoverThis is a book on Hunyuan Qigong and Hunyuan Taiji by Master Chen Zhonghua. It is an essential book for anyone practicing Qigong. Its contents are mainly based on the Hunyuan Qigong of Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang and the personal experiences and explorations of Master Chen Zhonghua.


Ebook now available http://practicalmethod.com/?p=49562

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  1. displace, displacement: to move physically out of position <a floating object displaces water> Read more

Daqingshan Services i

by fulltime on 2010/03/20

Food Services

  • Han Dynasty Emperor Palace Restaurant
    Northern Chinese Cuisine that specializes in total Daqingshan grown and raised organic food.
    Located in the private club above the main parking lot. Read more

Daqingshan Mountain Resort is a Shandoing Provincial forest park. It has a federal AA tourist designation. It is situation in the south eastern part of Shandong province. Read more

Many seek the great benefits we recognize as the fruits of the vast depth of wisdom and experience held in the traditions of taijiquan. But many also find the attainment of true skills can be quite elusive for most students. Read more

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June 15-Sept. 15, 2010. Daqingshan, Shandong, China. Read more

Class of 2009 i

by fulltime on 2010/03/20

May – July, 2009 on Daqingshan, China. Read more

Class of 2008 i

by fulltime on 2010/03/20

Sept. – Dec. 2008. Daqingshan Mountain Resort, China. Read more

Class of 2007 i

by fulltime on 2010/03/20

May 1-July 1, 2007. Daqingshan, Shandong, China. Read more

Class of 2006 i

by fulltime on 2010/03/20

May – July, 2006. Daqingshan Mountain Resort, China Read more

Class of 2005 i

by fulltime on 2010/03/20

Apprenticeship: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Paul O’Rourke (Florida, USA)

Class of 2004 (2) i

by fulltime on 2010/03/20

September, 2004-December 2004. Edmonton, Canada Read more

Class of 2004 (1) i

by fulltime on 2010/03/20

January 2004-April 2004. Edmonton, Canada Read more

Class of 2003 i

by fulltime on 2010/03/20

January 2003-April 2003. Edmonton, Canada Read more

Class of 2002 i

by fulltime on 2010/03/20

September 2002-December, 2002. Edmonton, Canada Read more

My name is Jeff Higgins. For those of you thinking about studying with Master Chen Zhonghua I would like to share my background and experience taking a workshop. Read more

Getting to the workshop location and depart for the airport are the responsibility of the participants.

Some organizers arrange airport pick-ups while others do not. Check the workshop detailed information page for further information or you can contact the workshop organizer for details.

Meals at workshop i

by fulltime on 2010/03/20

There are no restrictions for meals at workshops. Typically some participants will go for a quick lunch as a group. Whenever Master Chen is present, students are expected to chip in a dollar or two to cover his meal.

There is normally a Saturday evening dinner. This is a more formal dinner. Students also contribute to Master Chen’s dinner expense. It is expected that nothing fancy or costly will be ordered.

Participants are not allowed to make any promotions at the workshops. Anything of this nature must go through the host.

Absolutely! You can email him at czh.sites@gmail.com
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. Read more

I do not have a local instructor. Can I really learn the Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method system based on workshops alone?

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Workshop checklist i

by fulltime on 2010/03/20

So you want to attend one of Master Chen Zhonghua’s workshops! Here is a checklist to help you gain maximum bang for your buck! Read more

I will offer a list of things you need to look after before you attend a workshop to learn Taiji. Read more

Daqingshan International Taiji Training Center Read more

Visa for China i

by fulltime on 2010/03/20

Do you know the visa situation in China?  I am going to stay in China for 3 months and possibly a year, but I’ve heard China stopped issuing 60 and 90 day visas.  Do you know how difficult it is to get a 6 month visa?  I am going to get mine in Hong Kong, hoping it might be easiest to get a visa there. Read more

Please contact Coco Zhang (Zhang Yan) directly. Her agency specializes in helping martial artists in their travel arrangements. Read more

Will I have any problems staying on Daqingshan as a vegetarian? Read more

Most definitely! Daqingshan Mountain Resort can accommodate your friends while you are at your studies. We can also look after them with tours and other activities. They can are able to dine with your Taiji group or have a private dining facility.

To adjust to or keep in proper measure or proportion, e.g. to modulate your force appropriately. Similar concepts include proportional movements, adjust while moving, etc.

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Daqingshan 2009 i

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