What’s the most important consideration when attending a seminar?

by fulltime on 2010/03/20

I will offer a list of things you need to look after before you attend a workshop to learn Taiji.

  1. Make travel, food, and lodging arrangements ahead of time. Make clear decisions. Don’t leave anything for later. Avoid saying “We can deal with that later.”
  2. Get a waiver form from the host (or download it here) and fill it out ahead of time. (see link above). This avoids line ups and will also give you extra time to get to know the place and people.
  3. Try to make payments before you come to the workshop. If you have to pay at the door, make sure that you arrive early to finish payment before the workshop starts.
  4. Don’t block other’s view at the workshop.
  5. Try to move around in the training hall. Avoid staying in the same spot all the time.
  6. Follow instructions when practicing in pairs.
  7. Make notes. This will be valuable in the future.
  8. Review your notes after the workshop.
  9. Ask others for email addresses. It is very important that you form a support group with others at the workshop. A good friend is better than a teacher at the beginning stage.

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