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Chen Zhonghua Zhuanyong-Chen Zhonghua Block Touching Coat

Yilu trains the body in a soft way
Erlu trains the techniques in a vigorous way
With both combined, then you know Taijiquan
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Importance of Head in Taijiquan

Don't Move the Hand

We have always been told by Master Chen not to push, not to move the hand. If that is the case, what can we do?
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Stay on the line i

by Kelvin Ho on 2016/11/19

At the Ottawa Nov. 12-13, 2016 workshop, Master Chen Zhonghua talked about when doing twisting the towel or six sealing four closing, our hands and elbows must stay on the same line. Where was that line exactly? We often just imagined where that line was. He told us to use a physical object to guide us, and he used a stick to show us. In today’s class in Toronto, we started with twisting the towel and covered what I learned at the Ottawa workshop. We went on to use the railing at the community centre to do the six sealing four closing exercise.
Six Sealing Four Closing - 1Six Sealing Four Closing - 2

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• Taiji works in 3’s, and power, structure, and aim all have to be independent. Read more

Stretch, Adjust i

by Wilkin Ng on 2016/02/12

IMG_20160207_094621 During last Vancouver workshop Master Chen explained that there needs to be adjustment between stretch. Stretching alone normally doesn’t have correct aim, and adjusting the body after a stretch allow the subsequent stretching to be deeper.

The picture depict that the aim is in a diagonal, but stretch only go to horizontal, so adjustment rotate the body so the stretch will go toward the goal.

Subsequent stretches are done with different body parts starting from contact point to the feet.

Inside and Outside i

by admin2 on 2014/07/18

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Peng = to enlarge, to expand

Lu = to lengthen towards self. Read more

Movements are in the bones; rotations are in the joints. All Practical Method movements are straight movements. The system requires rotations. Rotations are achieved in two ways: Read more