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This is the page for people who have applied to become Master Chen Zhonghua’s disciples in the lineage of Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method.

Glenn Hall Discipleship Application 20221020.

Glenn Hall discipleship application photo

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Barb Stegger Discipleship Application 20221016.

Jojo Juarsa Taiji Track Records 蔡学超 太极简历 拜师帖:

Name / 姓名: Jojo Johari Juarsa (蔡学超)
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Dear Master Chen Zhonghua,
I started following you and Taiji practical method in the middle of 2016, after my friend and teacher Ong Wenming, who we practiced together deferent styles of  kongfu, introduced me to your school. Read more


My name is Edward Liaw; I currently reside in San Diego, California.  I was accepted as Master Chen’s 283rd disciple during the 2018 North American Practical Method Training Camp in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, alongside Nathan Heintz and Spencer Jones.  Every day, I am grateful for being a part of a passionate and supportive community of practitioners, students, and teachers. Read more

  • A personalised application letter (paper form or electronic) must be submitted. 
  • A letter of reference from one of the disciples must be submitted.
    A letter of reference from someone of repute who has known the applicant for more than five year is required from those who do not know anyone in Master Chen Zhonghua’s Practical Method system.  Read more

Head Shaolin & Tai Chi Chuan Instructor
(Posted with permission from the author)

Within Chinese culture, any traditional skill may be passed down from master to disciple, whether it be martial arts, scholarly arts, painting, cooking, even the art of being a barber or an executioner. Becoming a disciple forges a unique bond between you and the long line of ancestors who forged your tradition before you. It is a very special relationship between master and disciple, full of ritual and meaning. You become family. However, like so many aspects of Chinese culture, it is woefully misunderstood by outsiders. Read more

Master Chen Zhonghua is a young person (aged 45 in 2005) of the old school. He is from an unbroken line of taijiquan lineage. He is much more concerned with the proper transmission of the art than the promotion of taiji for self defence and health. This is not to say that his taiji does not include these two aspects. Read more