How to Become a Disciple of Master Chen Zhonghua

by admin on 2010/05/23

Master Chen Zhonghua is a young person (aged 45 in 2005) of the old school. He is from an unbroken line of taijiquan lineage. He is much more concerned with the proper transmission of the art than the promotion of taiji for self defence and health. This is not to say that his taiji does not include these two aspects.

Only serious students may apply. Consider these:

  1. It is a life time commitment.
  2. It is extremely difficult. It is not in a normal sense that you may understand. It is more like mind gymnastics. Master Chen explains that it is not like a hardship you can endure. It is more like a frustration and the inability to effect change and improvement.
  3. It may involve financial commitment. There is no fee for discipleship, but travelling or other related issue might create costs.
  4. It is not and will never be a popular sport.
  5. If you wish to become famous from this, stop right here. Don’t go further.

A student will spend several years, sometimes up to dozens of years, before he/she is clear what his/her path will be. This path includes picking a master to be the guide. When the teacher and student spend enough time, a mutual understanding is reached. At this time, it is up to the student to make it known to the master that he/she wants to become a disciple. The procedure is outlined below.

  1. The student consults with a disciple of the master for personal guidance and information. When this is not possible, directly move to No. 2.
  2. The student tenders to the master a formal letter of application.
  3. The master replies to acknowledge the receipt of the letter.
  4. The master chooses a guide (a current disciple) to help the student go through the discipleship process.
  5. The master waits one to two years to evaluate the student.
  6. During the evaluation process, the student must learn all the required (by the master) routines of the style and acquire ability and skill.
  7. A date is chosen for the ceremony.
  8. A ceremony is performed with guests and other students.
  9. After the ceremony, you are a tudi. The master becomes the shifu. This is just change in use of words. Nothing significant.
  10. The real hardship and learning starts.

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Saravanan August 28, 2013 at 8:52 am

I want to be disciple to master chen zhonghua


Tim June 2, 2016 at 5:49 pm

Me too!


Scott Henderson June 7, 2016 at 9:18 am

I also want to become a disciple of Master Chen!


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