Knowledge : Taiji Apparatus

Presenter: Chen Zhonghua  Length: 0 mins  Difficulty: 3/5  Language: English  
Year: 2022  Location: Edmonton Chen Zhonghua Taiji Academy  

Dao On the Body-Broadsword Basics
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This is a video of a basic training drill for broadsword. This trains the broadsword to be part of the body. It should stay on the body as much as possible. It is the waist and body movement that move the broadsword.

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A hex key, also known as an Allen key or Allen wrench, has many qualities of Tai Ji.
1. Rigid microstructure
2. Rigid macrostructure
3. Multiple contact points of engagement

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KelvinHoWeapons20201110 - 2

These are some photos of Kelvin Ho performing the Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method Sword and Broadsword form in Marham, Ontario, Canada in Nov. 2020. Read more


Various Taiji Chan Gun Photos.

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Yang Huopo of Baotou, Inner Mongolia, China, trying to make a tube for the practice of some foundational exercises. This is after he heard at the online lesson that Master Chen Zhonghua used to practice this way.

In Practical Method, we encourage the actualization of ideas into practices.


This is a short video with detailed explanations of the concept, actions and training methods of In With Elbow.
Presenter: Chen Zhonghua   Length: 7 min.   In: English   Year: 2020  Difficulty:1/5  At:Edmonton Chen Zhonghua Taiji Academy. Please note that there is static with the sound in this video.

In With Elbow Details 2020.08.19
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Grinding stone

The use of rubber cords for Practical Method training at the 2019 Italian Practical Method Seminar on March 31, 2019. Read more

Daqingshan  instructor Ling Zili recorded by John Ho.
Good reference for those learning Practical Method Sword routine

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I just started training foundations with an interval training timer app on my Android device. It is a great way to allot a fixed amount of time per exercise and allow one to focus entirely on certain aspects of the body method, energy alignment, etc. Read more

Taiji Sword is one of the most important weapons of the Chen Style Taijiquan system. The use of the sword is the same as the way energy is manipulated in the barehand form. We talk about two aspects in this lesson.

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Here is a short video that we filmed in my class last night. In the gym where I teach, we found an exercise device that can illustrate the importance of the alternating fixed point in the Practical Method. The explanation is not as precise as I would have wanted, but we filmed this on the spur of the moment.

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bs-2Custom Hand forged Damascus Oxtail Broadsword from the famous Longquan forge of Shen Guan Long. Reserve yours now. Shipping will resume after May, 2012.

Personalized Chen Zhonghua Broadsword: $ 1,000.00

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In the past three days Master Chen Jinyuan taught us Guan Dao form he learned from GM Feng.

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Gerry (left) and Ron (right)

When Master Chen visited Phoenix from Jan 31 to Feb 3, 2011, he introduced this new exercise to me. When you do the circles, put a yoga block between your knee and the wall, and use your knee to push very hard against the block. So, when you start to do circles, your knee is stationary. Your kua opens! Try it with the block, try it without. Eventually, you can do the circles without moving your front knee.The function of this block is that it allows free push of the body and kua forward and yet, the force transmits to the ground from the knee. Without it, the force applied forward will go out from the knee and not into the ground. Read more

Three months in taiji and he just started sword. This is the first taping.

Taiji Chan Gun 4

by Kelvin Ho on 2010/11/12

I made my taiji chan gun tonight in 2010.

Taiji Chan Gun

I re-created my taiji chan gun with slight modification in 2020. Now the shovel is gone.

Originally written by: John Brown

… I have been working with the bands, focusing on the instructions you have given me. Read more