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This is a personal video from one of his students. Taken on a street at an impromptu demonstration in the early 1980s.

Yilu 13 Moves 2016 1

by admin2 on 2016/08/03

Ottawa Workshop Demo i

by admin2 on 2014/07/25

Internal Yilu Practice 1

by admin2 on 2014/05/19

In the first form, all moves is done by internal/tendon stretches



Performed for students in New Hampshire with emphasis (slow down and stopping) in places where students frequently make mistakes.

Cannon Fist Clip i

by admin2 on 2013/09/05

Rare footage of Grandmaster Hong Junsheng. Li Zongqing was one of his earlier disciple and assistant. This video came from a 1980s film. It was on an occasion that they demonstrated for the governor of Shandong Province in Jinan.

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Master Li Enjiu’s Yilu. YouTube – 李恩久陈式洪派太极拳一路

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Two videos:
Front View

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Master Hong Sen is the grandson of Grandmaster Hong Junsheng. This video is from his demonstration in 2003 at Grandmaster Li Enjiu’s Standard Bearer ceremony in Jinan, Shandong, China. He demonstrated on behalf of the Hong family.


Grandmaster Wang Deyou (Xu Zhou) performed Yilu at the 4th International Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method Conference on Daqingshan Mountain Resort in Rizhao, China.

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Grandmaster Li Qingjia of Xuzhou at the 4th Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method Conference on Daqingshan, Rizhao in 2010.

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Jiang Jiajun: Yilu i

by webmaster on 2010/06/07


from 蒋家骏老师 陈式太极拳 – 56网视频. Read more