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Food Services

  • Han Dynasty Emperor Palace Restaurant
    Northern Chinese Cuisine that specializes in total Daqingshan grown and raised organic food.
    Located in the private club above the main parking lot.
  • Coffee shop.
  • Room service
    is available to private club members, hotel guests and cabin vacationers



  • Han Dynasty Emperor Palace (same courtyard as the restaurant)
    (Chinese traditional style hotel rooms in a courtyard).
    Single or shared.
    Located in the private club above the main parking lot.
  • Cabins (under construction)
    Single or shared.
    Located on the south facing slopes of Junsheng Peak overlooking the Han Emperor Palace.
  • Stone Farm Houses
    Experience real rural Chinese living in these ancient stone farm houses. The way it was. Bathrooms outside of the rooms. Surrounded by vegetable gardens, trees, livestock and fresh air.
    Located on top of Junsheng Peak, bottom of Dragons Abbyss Valley and in the Greenview Gardens


Visit to a high school

Cultural Activities

  • Cooking classes
  • Visits to schools
  • Work with martial artists from other parts of China
  • Learn to play a Chinese musical instruments
  • Learn Chinese language
  • Learn to play Chinese chess and other games



  • Lots of quiet locations including the ancient caves for personal meditation.
  • Instructions will be provided.
  • Locally hand-made (through a project that we sponsored to support the handicapped people) corn husk mats are provided in each room. People can take them along on their walks to sit on rocks for meditation


The 2.5-hr Hike


  • Evergreen Trail (2 hour and 45 minutes. Moderate workout).
    First trail after the main mountain gate.
  • Immortals Caves (45 minutes. Strenuous).
    Second trail from main gate. 10 minutes from parking lot.
  • Dragons Abyss Trail (One hour. Very moderate).
    South of Han Emperor Palace.
  • Trail of Seven Peaks (2 hours. Moderate).
    Southeast of Han Emperor Palace


Rock Climbing

  • O’Rourke’s Rock. South facing cliff of Zhiqiang Peak. More than a hundred feet.
  • The Wall in (huge mountain with a rock wall several hundred feet) 10 km south.
  • Wulian Mountain. There is a rock over 200 feet in height in the Wulian Mountain 20 km to the east



  • Eat a scorpion, a grasshopper, or a cicada.
  • Wonder in town by yourself for a day. (We will pick you up when you call.)
  • Take a cold shower. (It happened once in 2006).
  • Take a sip of Maotai (they call it liquor but it is pure diesel in my opinion)


6:00 am

Taijiquan Training

  • Morning training in front of the Han Dynasty Emperor’s Palace.
  • Day training at the Junsheng Pavilion in the Valleyview Gardens.
  • Evening lectures and push hands in the multipurpose room.
  • Many masters from China will be teaching at the facility.


Private Time

  • Decks.
  • Trails.
  • Caves.
  • Cabins.
  • 30 square kilometers of mountains to roam and explore


Use of Meeting Rooms

  • Multipurpose room with TV, DVD, Karaoke machines, dance floor, computers and a video projector.
  • Formal reception room.
  • Refreshments and tea service is available with the booking of the reception room.

Fun Activities

  • Have Fun at the playground.
  • Walk the dogs or goats. Feed the chickens. Feed the doves.
  • Bird watching.
  • Visit local farmers.



  • It has been closed to the public for 30 years.
  • Everything is natural.
  • There is abundant wild life.


Taxi Services within local area

Travel arrangements for all China

Tickets (Train/Air) to other Chinese locations

Nearest station is in Wulian, 7 km from Daqingshan.


  • Wulian No. 1 Hospital, 7 km from Daqingshan.
  • Rizhao General Hospital. 51 km from Daqingshan.
  • Weifang No. 1 People’s Hospital. 115 km from Daqingshan.



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