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by fulltime on 2010/03/20

Do you know the visa situation in China?  I am going to stay in China for 3 months and possibly a year, but I’ve heard China stopped issuing 60 and 90 day visas.  Do you know how difficult it is to get a 6 month visa?  I am going to get mine in Hong Kong, hoping it might be easiest to get a visa there.

Visa procedures change from time to time, currently –

  1. Each person is allowed one extension of their visa while in China. In the case of stay on Daqingshan, this extension can be done in Rizhao, an hour away.
  2. Once the extension expires, there is a place in Beijing that can issue new visas and can also change visa types.
  3. Visa extension requires that you have on deposit with Bank of China sufficient funds to cover your extended length of stay. The deposit should cover US$100.00 per day. You will need a letter from the local police, proof of money on deposit to apply at the nearest police station with visa extension authority to extend your visa. The visa is extended from the day of your submission.

Important caution about visa application:

  1. You are applying for a tourist visa!
    Although you maybe studying taiji, Mandarin Chinese, or arts, the Daqingshan International Taiji Training Center is not a formal government accredited university. Therefore, studying there does NOT make you a student in the eyes of the government.
  2. Apply for as many days as you can.
    Every time you extend or change your visa, there is a cost. So if possible, get the allowed maximum length of stay. If you are staying for 30 days, try to get two months. If you get the exact length, an airline delay or unforeseen circumstance may cost you a lot of money.

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