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Edmonton Practical Method Taiji Academy Customized Sword Sales


Our Edmonton Studio has another function other than teaching Taiji and Qigong – we do sword sales, but more importantly we do customizations so the sword you buy from us is unique. The sword shown here is the latest completed Damascus Jian. Because of having to limit the number of students during Covid-19, we now need to boost our sword sales in order to ensure our Studio stays open.

All our swords are made in Longquan, China Read more

Edmonton Practical Method Taiji Academy is opening Wednesday, July 15 at 10am for regular classes. We will be following our regular scheduled classes from that time forward.
Covid-19 is not over and we must take stringent precautions to protect staff and students.

MASKS inside the Studio are mandated. If you have a respiratory problem a face visor must be used instead. We have disposable masks for sale at the Studio if required. A visor can be found at A-Mart on 9251- 34 ave. NW for $7+GST.( If you know other sources let me know.) Read more

Location: 5222-86 Street, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
Phone: 780-413-0454
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The Edmonton Academy will be closing Monday and Tuesday classes from Dec. 14, 2015 until Jan. 12, 2016 inclusive as the instructor for those days is on medical leave and I will be in Japan. Wednesday am and pm, Thursday, and Friday classes will all run as per our usual schedule. I encourage those who attend our Monday and Tuesday classes to move temporarily to one or more of the Wednesday to Friday classes. Sword Thursday is particularly fun. Sorry for the short notice and wishing Yen Gee a speedy recovery.

Monday and Tuesday classes will resume Jan. 18, 2016.

Our Academy holidays will start Dec. 19 and we will reopen Jan. 6, 2016.

Wishing all an interesting Holiday and keep doing Taiji and Qigong – practice makes perfect especially as probably too much food is coming.

Scot Broadsword 2I finally got the few photos I have access to sorted and edited so this is quite a late posting of the Edmonton International Qigong/ Taiji Day Showcase from April 26, 2014.

There was quite a good turnout with over 30 students and guests attending. We started with a brief introduction to Tai Chi and our instructors: Master Allan Belsheim, Master Yen Gee, Scot Jorgensen and Rion Swanson. Read more

Tai-Chi-showcase-April-26-2014-web-format thumbnailAttend Hunyuantaiji Academy’s International Tai Chi Qigong Day Showcase Saturday April 26, from 1 to 3 pm
and participate in our Demos of Chen Taiji, Hunyuan Taiji, Qigong, Weapons and Foundations for FREE.

Sunday April 27 will be  a short Seminar Introduction to Silk Reeling and Detailed Qigong for only $50. Attend from 9 am to noon to become involved in this exciting exploration and introduction.

5222- 86 street NW, Edmonton AB.  Phone 780-413-0454 (Leave message) or cell: 780-964-2434

Hunyuantaiji Academy in Edmonton is closed from December 21 to January 5. New classes

start on January 6, 2114. The schedule will be revised for the first two weeks we are open,  on

Monday, Jan. 6 and 13  and Tuesday Jan. 7 and 14 classes will start at 7 pm.All other classes

remain as usual, except there will be no Wednesday morning class until Jan. 22.

Best wishes for the holidays and hoping to see you in the New Year!


The annual 7 day Edmonton Seminar with Grandmaster Chen Zhonghua and Master Allan Belsheim will be held at the Hunyuantaiji Academy 5222- 86 street, Edmonton Alberta from Saturday June 29 to Friday July 5 (9 am to 4:30 pm daily).

The Seminar will focus on Yilu corrections, Foundations, Push Hands,  Broadsword corrections and Theory. This is a major North American event that is designed to increase your understanding and knowledge of the correct study and application of Chen Taiji. Read more

Hunyuantaiji Academy, 5222-86 street, Edmonton will be having our New Year’s Open House on Saturday January 12 and Sunday January 13 from 10 am until 1 pm. Join a Free lesson and  find out what our Academy can do for you to help you become fit, healthy and able to develop both brain and body as lifelong learning. Read more

Do Not Move! i

by Allan Belsheim on 2012/12/21

Originally written by: Allan Belsheim Nov 2007

When Master Chen Zhonghua shows us how to do the Chen form, he assures us that the hands are NOT moving. To look at him, everything is moving, including the hand. When we copy his moves, we are told that we are moving our hands and on top of that, we are tossing our bodies. The less we seem to move the more we are told that we are moving. Read more

The Edmonton Full Time Training session will be held September 24 until December 21, 2012 so let me know soon if you will be attending.  Edmonton, the Home of  Grandmaster Chen Zhonghua,  has a reputation as being able to give you an incredible amount of instruction for the time you are here.

We specialize in helping beginners or advanced practitioners to learn or correct Practical method Foundations, Silk Reeling, Theory, Applications, Yilu, Erlu, Chen Sword and Broadsword, Hunyuan Qigong and Hunyuan 24 form. Contact me at: and check for more

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I would like to remind everyone (and invite those interested) that on September 24, 2012 Edmonton Full Time training will start and continue until December 21. This would be an excellent time for those who would relish this type of training and a North American location to visit Edmonton. Edmonton has few distractions to interrupt training so is ideal for learning.

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The Edmonton Hunyuantaiji Academy at 5222 – 86 street will be hosting a Seminar and Open House on March 17 (Saturday) and March 18 (Sunday) . The Seminar will start at 9 am to 4:30 pm both days and the Open House portion will take place between the hours of 10 am and noon. Read more

Edmonton Hunyuantaiji Academy is having a Seminar and combining it with an Open House this year. The Seminar covers Foundations, Yilu and corrections, Theory and Push Hands as well as the possibility of Broadsword review. Seminar starts at 9 am and ends at 5 pm. Open House is from 10 am to 1 pm.

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We are holding an Open House August 27 (Saturday) and August 28 (Sunday) from 10 am to 1 pm. Our address is 5222 – 86 street and we are giving FREE LESSONS.

Come and see what the Chen Style Practical Method as well as the Chen Style Xinyi Hunyuan Taijiquan and Qigong are all about and what we can do to to give you the best Taiji experience – ever!

Hunyuantaiji Academy of Edmonton will hold an Open House this weekend –  May 7 (Saturday) and May 8 (Sunday) from 10 am to 1 pm. Address: 5222 – 86 street  Demonstrations and information both days, with a free lesson for anyone attending on Sunday (Mother’s Day). Plan on attending both days!!

Full Time training is starting in Daqingshan, China and a more perfect exotic location and experience is hard to imagine. Why train Full Time in Edmonton this Fall from September 5 to December 5, 2011 then?

The Edmonton Advantage is that you will receive training from two Master’s : Chen Zhonghua and Allan Belsheim. As has been proven with this particular combination in Summer 2008 and in the Fall Program in 2010, those participating made the most progress of any of the Full Time Programs  offered. These two Masters work perfectly together to provide the best possible transfer of real Taiji to the practitioner. Whether you are a beginner or have previous experience, you will be guaranteed to make great progress.  Read more

Saturday April 16 and Sunday April 17 there will b a Sword Workshop presented by Master Chen and Master Belsheim in Edmonton, Alberta. The focus will be on the sword form and its applications. Read more

There will be an Edmonton Taiji Seminar starting Monday February 14 to Friday Feb. 18. Topics covered will be Foundations leading to certification, Yilu corrections and Push Hands Drills. This is an excellent opportunity to get expert Taiji instruction during the cold winter – warm up your brain and body! This Seminar is suitable for beginner to advanced.

Monday and Tuesday classes will start at 8:30 am to 4:30pm, while Wednesday to Friday will be 9 am to 5 pm. Instruction will be by Allan Belsheim on Monday and Chen Zhonghua the rest of the week.

Register now!


As a visitor or member of this site you have noticed that the Daqingshan Full Time training has come to a very successful conclusion. I would like to remind everyone (and invite those interested) that on September 20, 2010 Edmonton Full Time training will start and continue until December 20. This would be an excellent time Read more

The last day started with an in depth Foundation review and exercise followed by a few Silk Reeling exercises to get warmed up. Yilu ,of course, was next on the list with a review of the first 13 moves with repeats and corrections. We now proceeded with Broadsword – a review for most and learning it from scratch for a few individuals. We managed a review of the opening moves and about one third of the form before Read more

Today after hard work this morning, 9 participants  working with Master Allan Belsheim have completed a lengthy Silk Reeling warm up followed by a few Foundation moves, Yilu with some corrections (one was individually correcting  from the last single whip to the end of the form) and an  introduction to Chen straight sword

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Today Master Chen reinforced a point of Push Hands with me.  All the lessons that have been mentioned in class lately and our last weekend Seminar is to look for a line and Read more

Today was the last day of the June 5 and 6 Edmonton Seminar and it provided a background for our next Seminar that will be taught by Allan Belsheim on Cannon Fist Form Basic Choreography and instruction. (TBA)

Master Chen led the class with Silk Reeling working down the body from shoulders to ankles and everything in between. These provide the basic movement patterns Read more

Today Master Chen started with Foundation exercises led by Allan Belsheim and then the group worked on Yilu repetitions with several important corrections. Read more

Master Chen gave  some personal instruction during Monday’s class regarding Push Hands. One must be able to  move in without the opponent feeling the move physically. Read more

The simple answer to the complex question of what the Full Time Program of Master Chen Zhonghua was like is: incredible! The practical information and skills that were presented has been voluminous and will give all the attendees enough knowledge to work with for many years. Read more