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by Allan Belsheim on 2020/08/15

Edmonton Practical Method Taiji Academy Customized Sword Sales


Our Edmonton Studio has another function other than teaching Taiji and Qigong – we do sword sales, but more importantly we do customizations so the sword you buy from us is unique. The sword shown here is the latest completed Damascus Jian. Because of having to limit the number of students during Covid-19, we now need to boost our sword sales in order to ensure our Studio stays open.

All our swords are made in Longquan, China where famous forges have existed for a few thousand years. Grandmaster Chen Zhonghua sources our swords from Longquan, but more than that he also designs and asks for certain features to ensure the swords we carry are at the pinnacle of balance, strength and beauty. Each sword will carry Grandmaster Chen’s symbol and name. Damascus steel is prized for its exotic wood grain appearance and strength at layering different hardness of steel that is forged, folded and refolded making  for the best possible strength with beauty.

These swords are an incredible bargain and as increased costs of materials  to produce these goes up with inflation it makes an excellent investment as well. This is the same sword available at Daqingshan, but each sold here will have a unique custom grip and a careful examination and set up.


The Grandmaster Chen Jian has a magnificent light blade with a fine Damascus pattern. The only flaw is that entering the climate in North America, the scabbard shrinks. This I remedy by filing and refitting the scabbard until the ability to draw and sheath the sword is perfect. A source for upgrading  is with the grip as it comes with polyester wrap and cording that can be uncomfortable to hold for long sessions of use. Using repurposed leather that has been cleaned and infused with conditioning, various methods are used to create a more user friendly grip as an upgrade. This Jian has overlapping wrappings  creating ridges that the hand is comfortable holding for long practice sessions.


The Jian solid brass fittings are carefully buffed to bring out the contrast and  highlights and all fittings are tested for solidity. The blade is checked and lightly oiled as is the scabbard to present it in the best condition for use and preservation. It generally takes several days to a week to bring the sword into the perfect state for display or use.

The sword is Han style with minimal and elegant fittings. The grip is elongated and can be used one handed or two allowing for extreme versatility in use. The Han style is the most elegant sword design in my opinion. The overall length of the sword is 105.5cm (41 1/2 inches); blade length is 75 cm (37 inches); overall weight is 1.12kg (2.45lbs.);  the sword only weight is .620kg (1.37 lbs.)

I recommend this Jian very highly as it is extremely well balanced, light and glorious for use and a delight for the eye.

The purchase price for this is $1000 US plus the cost of shipping to you. Contact me directly if interested in purchasing this Jian at: taijiallan@gmail.com

I will be offering other Jian swords at least once a month as customization is completed – each grip reworking will be slightly different so each will be a very unique weapon.



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