Final Review of the Full Time Taiji Program

by Allan Belsheim on 2004/12/12

The simple answer to the complex question of what the Full Time Program of Master Chen Zhonghua was like is: incredible! The practical information and skills that were presented has been voluminous and will give all the attendees enough knowledge to work with for many years.
The lessons and practice are taught in a way that the mind can easily grasp and this will allow the body (with enough practice) to eventually exhibit the ability to move as described. Master Chen does not withhold information, but allows you into the innermost depths of necessary understanding. It has taken Master Chen years to train and develop his very high level skill which he generously passes on to his students.
Criticism for improvement is handled professionally and patience is shown while we are instructed. It is the most tremendous experience for anyone who wishes to actually properly learn Taiji. I have watched students (myself included) who have studied with other instructors gain tremendous knowledge and skill while working with Master Chen. He makes no false claims and is able to demonstrate everything he teaches. He also makes no claim for special powers other than skill through practice.
Master Chen also has an uncanny skill for understanding the individual preparation you require and will work toward developing and encouraging what you need to advance and perfect your training. He also is able to instil a sense of confidence in his students using great understanding, sensitivity and humour.
The Full Time Program allows a student to develop through practice and information everything that is relevant to gaining Taiji knowledge. The skill and instructional level of Master Chen is observably very high. Pushing Hands with him is incredible. He is able to find all your empty spaces and use them to instantly (and safely) defeat you. He willingly explains and shows you exactly how he can accomplish this and he is always miles ahead of your every effort.
The Full Time Program gave me a chance to develop skill and to absorb knowledge with dedicated fellow students from a personable and highly skilled Master. It is difficult to put into words all the advantages and features of Master Chen Zhonghua’s Full Time Program. I personally endorse it and know that it is not only an unsurpassed experience, but also the best way to learn Taiji.
Allan Belsheim, Dec. 12, 2004

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Head Instructor for the Practical Mathod Taiji Academy|混元太极学院总教练

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