Edmonton Full Time Training

by Allan Belsheim on 2010/09/16

As a visitor or member of this site you have noticed that the Daqingshan Full Time training has come to a very successful conclusion. I would like to remind everyone (and invite those interested) that on September 20, 2010 Edmonton Full Time training will start and continue until December 20. This would be an excellent timefor those who would relish this type of training to visit Edmonton. We will  offer training during this time for a week or more depending on what time you have available. For those who normally do our Taiji Traditions workshop, it is canceled for this year so you can make up the missed training with a week or more in Edmonton with Master Chen and myself. It is not often that Master Chen offers this training in North America so it is an incredible chance for anyone to receive the best Taiji training available.

Those interested please contact us through the website or personally to my email: allanbelsheim@yahoo.com

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Head Instructor for the Practical Mathod Taiji Academy|混元太极学院总教练

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