Fall Full Time 2011 – Edmonton Advantage

by Allan Belsheim on 2011/05/01

Full Time training is starting in Daqingshan, China and a more perfect exotic location and experience is hard to imagine. Why train Full Time in Edmonton this Fall from September 5 to December 5, 2011 then?

The Edmonton Advantage is that you will receive training from two Master’s : Chen Zhonghua and Allan Belsheim. As has been proven with this particular combination in Summer 2008 and in the Fall Program in 2010, those participating made the most progress of any of the Full Time Programs  offered. These two Masters work perfectly together to provide the best possible transfer of real Taiji to the practitioner. Whether you are a beginner or have previous experience, you will be guaranteed to make great progress. My major aim in teaching Taiji is to lead and prepare the student to be able to receive and understand the extreme high level teaching that Master Chen is then able to accomplish. I was nick named “the Drill Sergent” in 2008 by Master Sun Zhonghua because of the necessary repetition drills needed by the student to understand physically and mentally what is required for Taiji progress. We have been able to get through the entire Taiji curriculum from Yilu, Erlu, Foundations, Silk Reeling, Straight sword, Broadsword, Silk Reeling, The Hunyuan 24, and Qigong. This is an incredible achievement in only three months.

The main emphasis of our instruction is on Hong’s Chen Style Practical Method system, but the important elements of the Chen Style Xinyi Hunyuan Taijiquan is also taught to reflect the teaching of our true lineage from Chen Fake – the Chen Grandmaster who brought Chen Taiji to Beijing and then the world through Grandmaster Hong Junsheng and Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang (Master Chen Zhonghua’s instructers). We carry on the direct transmission through this lineage – if you didn’t learn through Chen Fake’s lineage directly, you didn’t “get”  Chen Taiji.

Our goal is to pass on the true transmission of Chen Taiji without any secrets or lack of understanding. Master Chen Zhonghua  (he is a teacher of Master’s and  has an international reputation as well as being the Internatiional Standard Bearer for the Practical Method) is one of the few Master’s living today that can actually do this and demonstrate true martial ability without resorting to strength or tricks- only true Taiji.  Master Allan Belsheim is the Head Instructor at the Edmonton Hunyuantaiji Academy and has assisted with Full Time teaching since 2008.

The point of this article is to encourage students to come to Edmonton and learn true Taiji. Unlike Daqingshan which has history,  scenic wonders and expansive nature experience, Edmonton has few distractions so training is almost the only activity – no major distractions. Edmonton is not without its charm with a River Valley, many great restaurants and great night life, but allows full participation without regrets you can not be doing something else here, too.

Check the Full Time Edmonton  interview from members of the 2010 class and hear the true benefits and experience some participants  discuss:  http://practicalmethod.com/2010/12/interview-on-full-time-taiji-and-practical-method-online-video/

Come to participate in the Edmonton Advantage. The Full Time training experience is for three months, but we also offer shorter times as needed by the student from a week to the full three months. Check this link for more information:  http://practicalmethod.com/2011/01/full-time-taiji-course-in-edmonton-sept-2011/

Contact Hunyuantaiji Academy as soon as possible to commit to attending this Fall. Participation in Full Time training also allows you to attend our evening and weekend classes for free. Email to: info@chenzhonghua.com or to me directly at: allanbelsheim@yahoo.com.

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Head Instructor for the Practical Mathod Taiji Academy|混元太极学院总教练

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