Edmonton Practical Method Taiji Academy reopens July 15

by Allan Belsheim on 2020/07/08

Edmonton Practical Method Taiji Academy is opening Wednesday, July 15 at 10am for regular classes. We will be following our regular scheduled classes from that time forward.
Covid-19 is not over and we must take stringent precautions to protect staff and students.

MASKS inside the Studio are mandated. If you have a respiratory problem a face visor must be used instead. We have disposable masks for sale at the Studio if required. A visor can be found at A-Mart on 9251- 34 ave. NW for $7+GST.( If you know other sources let me know.)

HAND CLEANSER is available and must be used upon entering the Studio and before signing in.

Proper hand washing for at least 20 seconds is recommended as well.

CLEAN INDOOR SHOES only are allowed on the training floor. Outdoor shoes are to be left in the entrance along with coats and other outdoor apparel.

DRINKING WATER is supplied of course, but you must bring your own water bottles or cups and remove these at the end of class. Also touch things in the Studio as little as possible so it will be easier for us to do a thorough cleaning after and before class.

SOCIAL DISTANCING of 2 metres is needed and no physical contact is allowed. There will be markers on the floor to position students.

The light green screen area is off limits to students.

As other warnings you see posted everywhere, DO NOT COME TO CLASS IF YOU HAVE A FEVER OR ARE NOT FEELING WELL.

Things will be a bit different for a while, but the same detailed training will continue. We are lucky to have Grandmaster Chen in Edmonton as well until the year end. Private training sessions are also a possibility and a great way to get corrections and personal instruction.

Looking forward to seeing former students returning and also hoping to welcome new students to our Taiji Family.

If there are questions, please contact me through email: taijiallan@gmail.com

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Head Instructor for the Practical Mathod Taiji Academy|混元太极学院总教练

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