Second (and last) Day of Cannon Fist Seminar

by Allan Belsheim on 2010/07/04

The last day started with an in depth Foundation review and exercise followed by a few Silk Reeling exercises to get warmed up. Yilu ,of course, was next on the list with a review of the first 13 moves with repeats and corrections. We now proceeded with Broadsword – a review for most and learning it from scratch for a few individuals. We managed a review of the opening moves and about one third of the form before moving through the full choreography a few times to practice following and to experience the complete Broadsword form.

We removed our aching bodies to Sunterra Market for lunch and discussion before returning to the Studio for Cannon Fist. As we had completed the first part as well as the last part of the form yesterday, we worked diligently on the middle of the form to fill in this area and tie the start to the finish. We actually had the choreography successfully done and still had a half hour to go before quitting time. After a short rest we did the entire form from start to finish quite successfully.

The students attending  actually completed the entire Cannon Fist form over two afternoons – approximately 6 hours- which I was very pleased with.  It was a valuable and enjoyable weekend for the instructor as well as his students and I again congratulate and thank the participants for all their hard work.

Now we move towards the Week long Workshop from July 26 to August 1, this time with Master Chen Zhonghua assisted by Master Allan Belsheim working to give the detailed information needed to further expand our knowledge.

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Rion Swanson July 4, 2010 at 9:12 pm

Thank you again Allan for this excellent weekend workshop. We certainly reviewed a lot of material and this was great for me as it helped reinforce many ideas as well as corrections. Going through so many of the foundations and silk reeling and all the form details and choreography really kept things moving along at a steady pace. As always there’s so much to work on and my intention will be to work on a little each day. I’m very excited for the late July week long training!


Chen Zhonghua July 6, 2010 at 12:13 pm

Thank you very much Allan for putting on this seminar. I will see you all at the end of the month for details of Cannon Fist.


Khamserk July 7, 2010 at 6:04 pm

Hi Allan, please say hello to everyone. I am looking forward to seeing you and the Scotts in August! Have a good July.


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