Knowledge : Sometimes one word can enlighten you!

Quotations from masters. Short lessons with a lot of real power.

Master Chen Zhonghua said, “Don’t power up the top, attack from the bottom.”

11334152_10204293465207270_6980898690182303046_oMany fake things originated as high level mastery. It is the people who don’t have the skill but want to present themselves as highly skilled masters that make people think that the original act was also fake.

Very often, when this happens, the average person tend to believe the fake act and refuse to believe the original real act.

All form of life on earth came about in a process that is from simple to complex, with human beings the most complex of all creatures. Learning of taiji, and learning in general is a process that goes from complex to simple. When complex systems/issues are understood in simple terms, it is called “enlightenment”.

To truly learn, we have to force ourselves to practice according to the principles; especially when we cannot comprehend, verify or believe.
Most people practice according to what and how they like to practice. That’s not learning.
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“Principles are the overall guidelines” “whenever I ran into difficulties I must rely on the principles” Read more

Rotation is the result of linear movements. There are no rotational moves in taijiquan. Read more