A spiral is a stretched rotation

by webmaster2 on 2011/10/07

A spiral in the taiji sense is not a physical spiral object, or a shape you draw with your body when doing taiji. A spiral requires two actions simultaneously. A rotation on the body while another part of the body stretches it.

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Carlos Hanson October 21, 2011 at 8:16 pm

Wow! I just had a big “aha moment”. This makes perfect sense. In class last night, we were talking about Yin Yang Separation. The key is as mentioned above, “two actions simultaneously”. With our positive circle, while you bring your elbow in, the hand tries to stay out.

While I lift my head, my shoulders go down. With the “S” shape, the chest goes down while the back goes up. The tail bone and back of the legs go down while the front of the legs go up.


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