Originally written by: Lyle Little

Subject: comments

Date: Thu, 12 Nov 2009 10:41:17 -0600

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Originally written by: Vanessa Hammond
Hi Gord, 

I learned a lot and enjoyed my time. 

Camp feedback: 
The food was good, plentiful and nutritious. 
Thanks for moving the evening meal to a later time. Thanks for accommodating for the stronger coffee for those who enjoy a stronger brew. 
Rooms and bathrooms clean. 

Master Chen Feedback: 
I really appreciated the individual attention that Master Chen was able to give during the drills and practice time. 

I am looking forward to receiving the DVD and and link to the website to follow up and consolidate the learning from the week. 

Originally written by: Daniel Kahn

Hey Gord,
As I said, I had a great time. Even the weather contributed to the focus on taiji ;-)

Here are four thoughts that occur to me. All are minor.

1) laundry facilities would have been welcome.  Read more

Originally written by: Michael Iverson

Food good. 

More ilu for beginners + applications. Could prob. Split some of the teaching up – you, Jay, Ping to give people more one on one time with Master Chen. 

That’s about it. Awesome all round experience!

Originally written by: Grace Gentili
If the impressions of a complete novice can be of help, I would like to say that the one day I spent at the Taiji Traditions camp was of great benefit to me.  It was an amazing learning experience on many levels. 

It was an eye-opening experience to watch Master Chen as he demonstrated applications of the postures and then gave detailed explanations of the moves to clarify what could not  be seen at the speed of their execution. His teaching style is very compelling.  He explains the concepts  with clarity, energy, and intensity and shares such a great volume of information, at a rapid pace, that it required my very focused attention, in order not to miss anything.   By the end of the day, I had had as much of a mental workout as a physical one and I loved it.  

Furthermore,  the friendliness, warmth, encouragement and helpfulness of all the participants that I knew or had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with, made that one day at camp very special.  The experience of being surrounded by a gym full of very dedicated, hard-working and focused participants was incredibly energizing.  I look forward to going back next year.  

As I was only one day at Camp Shawnigan, all I can say is that I very much enjoyed the two meals I had on that day.  The food was delicious, the choice of items in the buffet was great and the dining area was welcoming and nicely organized.

Grace Gentili 

Originally written by: Ian Macrae

Maple Ridge Workshop July 25th and 26th, 2009

(A loose transcription of notes, not an organized article)

This month our workshop was in Pitt Meadows Heritage Hall. Our regular use of Thornhill Hall was preempted by the Disabled Games. What a nice big clean beautiful hall this was, notwithstanding that the A/C wasn’t working and it was almost too hot to do YiLu. Well, actually, it was too hot, so we didn’t work quite as hard as we usually do. Read more