Originally written by: Patrick Yu

Name: Patrick Yu
Location: EDMONTON
Workshop title: 2000 Summer Edmonton Push Hands Workshop
Date: Wednesday, August 30, 2000

Thanks Shifu Chen. He is very generous to give the teaching, only in a short time, I know how to push-hands from hands only to use my waist and legs; from one direction to become a turning ball; from yin or yang only to line up my energy. I have the basis kung-fu for my future training, I will appreciate it all my life.

Name:: Karen Perron

Location:: Edmonton, Alberta

Every moment with Joseph serves to be a learning experience, however this particular workshop has proved to be very much so in that a number of principles that have eluded me for the past two years suddenly appeared. One in particular; the transfer of energy from the hip to the heel without going through the knee was one concept I have “missed” in earlier training. Never think that any amount of training with Joseph is not productive. Even fifteen minutes can give you that understanding that you have been seeking. You just never know.

Yaron Seidman 2000 i

by webmaster3 on 2000/03/15

Yaron Seidman
“My own experiences in my time working with Master Chen include feeling like I’m suddenly standing on ice; The floor bounces me upward like I’m on a trampoline; A two-ton weight is pressing me down; I can’t lift my feet; My knees go weak; I’m shooting through the air as if launched by a cannon. I have also felt a tap of a punch blow right through me and a tap to the belly makes me want to vomit.” Yaron Seidman, martial artist and Chinese medical doctor, New York, 2000.

At the end of March, I attended a Chen Family Taijiquan Weekend seminar that lasted two days. The seminar was conducted by Master Chen Zhonghua. Master Chen is full of energy with eyes beaming with spirit. Read more