2004 Victoria Self Defense Workshop Review

by webmaster3 on 2004/10/22

Originally written by: Ian Macrae
Date: 10/23/2004 0:00
Title: Victoria Workshop on Self Defence
Organizer: Gordon Muir
Location: Victoria


Whether because it was in a karate dojo, or because quite a few of the participants had martial arts backgrounds, or for some other reason, I felt that the Victoria workshop brought home Chen style taiji’s, and CZH’s, martial roots and purpose.  CZH focused on applications and the theory behind them.  He presented practical drills and exercises designed to help you understand the theory so you could make the taiji applications work.  One of the great things about studying with CZH is that he is very much hands on.  Both days, each student got many opportunities to touch him and feel the taiji principals and applications at work.  The two person drills weren’t metaphysical exercises, but were actual martial applications.  CZH had a wealth of taiji information and knowledge which he shared during breaks from the physical work.  A very worthwhile workshop.
Ian Macrae

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