2005-11-26 Return to the Basics: Stepping in Chen Style Taijiquan

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Originally written by: Ed Zolpis
Date: 11/26/2005 0:00
Title: Return to the Basics: Stepping in Chen Style Taijiquan
Reviewer: Ed Zolpis
Organizer: James Chan
Location: Ottawa

Comments: Notes: Master Joseph Chen’s Workshop –
Ottawa – November 26-27, 2005
Ed Zolpis

Points to remember re: Circle exercise-
-position of feet is so that when step to the side the feet are approximately 4.5 foot lengths apart with the back of the forward heel on the same line as the front of the toes of the back foot.
-the back foot is slightly turned out from being perpendicular while the front foot is at approximately 45 degrees outwardly
-kua is open with knees stretched out and body low
-open the body so that it feels as if the energy of the body on the inside is struggling against the form of the body
-the energy of the knees go in opposite directions to each other, i.e. front knee energy goes upward while back knee energy goes downward, without the knee actually moving
-try to keep movements inside the body not allowing them to become predominantly outward, i.e. involving body peripherals(limbs) dominating the movement – another demonstration of this is using upper limbs to hold opponent while move him with lower limbs
-to increase stability, everytime you move, drop body by 5%
-“Double Heavy” is when 2 body section lines are on the same line (parallel). This is unstable. Instead one should try to have these body lines at an angle to each other to increase stability.
-bounce energy in body from foot to foot to top of head
-when stepping use a slipping action so as to insure energy is going outwards
-3 concepts to remember are: 1)withdraw elbow, push hand
2)sink the “dang” (groin)
3)hand grinds out
-training check method – if want to check if a particular move/technique is following principles of body dynamics, multiply its force by 10 to see if it works without overstraining the body

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